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You’ve heard about the A List. Now we have something even better: The B List. Like our Brilliance in Blogging Awards, our new B List — the official name is The BritMums List — celebrates noteworthy Influencers in specialty niches.

With the B List, we name, highlight and celebrate an increasing number of Influencers with a diverse group of skills and talents. There are more bloggers and social media influencers every day — the B List provides curated lists featuring the best emerging and established talent.

This edition of the B List focuses on the dads! Our pick of the top 10 dad bloggers who make us laugh, think, and nod along in agreement.

The top Dad Bloggers and Instagram Dads in the UK

1. Jamie and Tom – Daddy & Dad

Daddy & Dad blog
The Daddy & Dad crew are four boys who love hobbies, the outdoors, skyscrapers, scary movies and other exciting things! Jamie and Tom are the dads and their two boys are Lyall and Richard. This energetic bunch love to visit theme parks and we loved their guide to doing a festival at home. They talk about adoption and their experiences and also have a section where they showcase other same sex couples and their families in the ‘Daddies & Dads’ and ‘Mummies & Mums’ section! Check them out on Instagram too: @DaddyandDad.

2. Martyn – Inside Martyns Thoughts

Inside Martyn's Thoughts blog
Martyn is a single stay-at-home dad to two boys, he home educates, lives with a form of muscular dystrophy and  blog about all aspects of his life including tackling mental health issues. His relatable content is like talking to a close friend. You can also find this dad on Instagram at @Mr_Kitney

3. Kip – Kip Hakes

Kip Hakes blog
Dad blogger Kip talks about parenting, technology, recipes, photography and popular opinion on his blog which also features some the best family day out reviews of UK attractions! A particular lover of theme parks, Kip brings you the lowdown on whiteknuckle days out including prices and special events. Also check out Kip on Instagram at @KipHakes.

4. Julian – Northern Dad

Northern Dad blog
Shrewdly funny observational humour. What this blog lacks in design, it makes up for in content. A great coffee break read, the post about him scheduling sex sessions with his wife had us laughing out loud!

5. Tim – Slouching Towards Thatcham

Slouching Towards Thatcham
Our resident Dad Blog Editor Tim has been a stalwart of the blogging world since it began. He shares tales as a dad of three, his fitness journey, his life in general and he also has a nice sideline in musical parodies! He takes popular culture and creates a very entertaining musical skit from them which have proved popular at blogging events! Look for Tim on Instagram at @ThatchamDad.

6. Dave – The DADventurer

The DADventurer blog
A new schoolrun dad with a baby too, Dave has a family lifestyle blog talks about things many families face such as needing more space at home and finances, mixed in with practical guides about getting your child to bed and also seasonal recipes. His popular Instagram channel has the family feelgood factor for nice photos. Check out Dave the Instagram Dad at @The_DADventurer.

7. John – Dad Blog UK

Dad Blog UK screenshot
Writer, photographer and international speaker John gave up a career in communications to be the at-home parent, then carved out a niche as a trailblazing dad blogger. Regularly appearing on screen and in print in the UK, John talks about gender equality, father’s workplace rights, male fertility and online safety amongst other topical issues. John is on Instagram at @DadBlogUK.

8. Nigel – DIY Daddy

DIY Daddy blog
Dad of five Nigel has been blogging for years about being a stay-at-home dad and running a household alongside his painting and decorating business whilst raising the children (which include twin girls). Straight talking and practical, Nigel also tackles issues such as gender equality.

9. David – David & Donetta

David & Donetta blog
What started as a dad blog (David used to write Dad V World) became a married couples lifestyle blog over a year ago! Recording life as it happens on YouTube, Instagram, and a podcast this husband and wife team are proudly #MARRIEDANDWINGINGIT! Follow their journey through parenthood and pregnancy as they share all their moments online. Find the two parents on Instagram at @DavidandDonetta.

10. Daddilife

Daddilife blog
This parenting website for dads aims to celebrate fatherhood and provide resources to support, inform and entertain dads. The site has sections for expectant dads, stay-at-home dads, single dads, and stepdads amongst others and also has a really useful working dads section which talks about returning to work and parental support at work. Dads up for a challenge or inspiration can sign up to receive a weekly task that they can do with their kids to help them grow with a fun dad in their life! These Instagram Dads have the slogan “We champion modern day fatherhood.”: @daddilife.


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