Tweens & Teens: Making the festive season fun again

They may be too old to still believe in Santa but that doesn’t mean that Christmas with teens and tweens can’t be hugely enjoyable. This month, BritMum’s blogger Liberty Henwick looks at ways to make the most of the festive season with young people. 

Counting down to Christmas

We are being reminded everyday in the media that there’s less than a month to go before Christmas, a.k.a the ‘Festive Season’. The pressure is mounting to stock up on everything from gifts to food, to table and home decor to clothes – the list seems endless!

Apart from the pressure of trying to create the perfect Christmas, we also face the day to day life issues that are part and parcel of raising children. This may be the season of festive cheer, but behind all the tinsel and tidings of goodwill, normal life continues as we tackle the usual challenges of parenting tweens and teens.

This month I’ve compiled a list of gift guide ideas to provide you with some inspiration for this tricky-to-please age group. And then below I have brought together the combined wisdom of other bloggers with their posts on the struggles we continue to have with our growing children so that we can embrace the festive cheer of this season. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for tweens and teens

You’d think that with the passing years, it would be easier to buy gifts for our children as we get to know them better. In my case though, the opposite seems to be happening! Each year I’m at a loss so I appreciate any tips or suggestions from other parents, or from the kids themselves.

I don’t know about you but I find teen boys the hardest demographic to buy gifts for! Because of this I’ve included two posts to help you find something special for the lads:

The first is from my own blog, Liberty on the Lighter Side, and would suit tweens and younger teen boys: 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys.

The second is by Tracy from Just me, being Mrs B: What to Buy the Older Teenage Boys for Christmas.

Girls seem to have more options avaliable to them, there are so many lovely and relatively inexpensive ideas ranging from arts and crafts, jewellery, clothing and home decor in this post: 20 affordable Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls.

Jo from Mother of Teenagers has put together this lovely list of Stylish Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens 2019.  Knowing that teens can be particular about what they want, she has come up with some creative suggestions to inspire us.

Then finally, in our gift guide recommendations, how could we not include some ideas for, in my opinion, one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, namely the stocking! Memories and Mayhem has some great ideas in her post Stocking Fillers For Teenagers 2019

Meanwhile, life goes on

In the meantime, in between stocking the fridge and cupboards for Christmas day, we may be needing to stock up on a bit of information from other parents on how they deal with some of the issues we face! Struggling with our teens and tweens over certain issues can leave us feeling less than festive at times.

These are issues common to all of us and include the online world, school, illness and conflict in our relationships with our teens and tweens:

Is it even legal to post photos of our children online without their consent? Emma from Emma and 3 dealt with this dilemma recently and wrote about it here: Is Posting Pictures of Children Without Consent Illegal?

Sarah of Mum of Three World writes openly and honestly about How to get a Teenager to do their Homework. This is something that’s a source of conflict in our household too, mabe you can relate? 

Glandular Fever is a health problem that is typically faced by this age group. The severity of the illness ranges from mild to potentially very nasty and I write about our recent experience here in Our Journey with our Daughter’s Glandular Fever.

Enda from Enda Stories writes candidly about his relationship struggles with his daughter in The Bewilderness years… Or How to Nurture Teenage Children Who Hate You. We all have to deal with living with different personalities and it’s not unsual to have two under the same roof that clash, I know we do, how about you?

On a positive note

And finally, after those posts that may come across as being a bit negative, I love this feel good post by Nicky Kentisbeer on their recent trip with their teen aged daughter to California. You can read it here in About That Pink Wall. Nicky writes about getting away together as a family and experiencing how something as simple as a bright pink wall creates a sense of community. Wouldn’t we love a bit of that sunshine and heat right now?

Well we may not be experiencing a California summer at the moment but Christmas certainly helps create a sense of community as we celebrate the season together.

Sending best wishes to you and your loved ones, that you may have a blessed and joy-filled Festive Season.



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