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10 Black British lifestyle influencers to follow

10 Black British lifestyle influencers to follow

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You’ve heard about the A List. We have something even better: The B List! Like our Brilliance in Blogging Awards, our B List — the official name is The BritMums List — celebrates noteworthy Influencers.

With the B List, we name, highlight and celebrate an increasing number of Influencers with a diverse group of skills and talents. There are more bloggers and social media influencers every day — the B List provides curated lists featuring the best emerging and established talent.

This edition of the B List focuses on Black family lifestyle influencers.


Uju Asika 

Uju Asika is a TV screenwriter and founder of a multiple award-nominated family, lifestyle and travel blog aimed at parents with young kids in London and beyond. She is mother to two children and her blog focuses on activities and experiences for city kids and parents. She loves creative expression and is articulate about her beliefs on empowerment and equality. Her first book, Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World, will be published in September 2020. It’s about how racism impacts children and how you can raise kids who are more inclusive.

Follow Uju: 

Blog: babesabouttown

Instagram: @babesabouttown

Twitter: @babesabouttown

Facebook: @babesabouttown


Tinuke Bernard 

Tinuke is an award-nominated blogger of 10 years, a writer and an influencer. She is a Londoner living in a small Hertfordshire village with her family. A mother of two daughters, she believes in empowerment, inclusivity, and equality. She is vocal about her opinions and discusses a wide range of subjects. She’s the author of Circus Mum and also recently (Watch our Zoom with Tinuke talking about her UK Black Influencer Directtory and her experience as a Black influencer in the UK.)

Follow Tinuke:


Instagram: @tinukebernard

Twitter: @tinukebernard

Facebook: @tinukebernardblog



Jess is an award winning blogger, writer, body confidence activist and motivational speaker. Mum of three, she preaches self love, confidence and empowerment, and is very open about her own journey of self love and her battle with mental health. She tells her story with humour and won the BritMums BiB award in 2019 for Funniest Insta Mum.

Follow Jess:


Instagram: @thefatfunnyone

Twitter: @thefatfunnyone

Facebook: @thefatfunnyone

Youtube: The Fat Funny One



Maria Tumolo

Maria is a Trinidad-born Surrey-based expat blogger and aspiring children’s book writer. She writes about expat parenting, mixed heritage family life, food, beauty and more.

Follow Maria:


Instagram: @MsXpat

Twitter: @MsXpat

Facebook: @MsXpat



Sareta Fontaine 

Sareta Fontaine is an award-winning blogger content creator and social media maven. Mum to three kids, Sareta started her blogging career in 2016 by creating Kiki Blah-Blah, a lifestyle blog. In 2018 Sareta begin blogging under her own name.

Follow Sareta:


Instagram: @heysareta

Twitter: @heysareta

Facebook: @heysareta


Ola Pelovangu – Ola Pelo

Ola is an influencer and content creator who is great on TikTok and Instagram. She was so great on TikTok she joined their team, and is now a TikTok Brands Partnerships Manager, looking after beauty and tech partnerships. 

Follow Ola:


Instagram: @ola_pelo

Tiktok: @ola_pelo

Twitter: @Ola_Pelo



Ben Anderson 

Ben Anderson is a father of three who documents his daily life as a dad via Instagram at Diary of a Dad. He also runs a successful music business with his wife.
Follow Ben:
Instagram: @thediaryofadad

Kachi Tila-A

Kachi is a tech Lawyer, content creator and blogger who creates inspiring content for other women. She is a mother of two and a Cambridge graduate. Her blog focuses on motherhood and parenting, careers, daily living, relationships, travel and style.
Follow Kachi:

Instagram: @kacheetee

Twitter: @KacheeTee
Facebook: @KacheeTee


Abigail is mother to 2 children,  Eden and Evyn. On Instagram she documents the journey from the Bump and Beyond. 

Follow Abigail:

Instagram: @littleonesus

TikTok: @littleonesnus







Mel Fargo

Melinda Fargo is a freelance writer, blogger and former newspaper columnist for the UK’s largest regional newspaper. She was also the former Editor-in-chief of online magazine ‘Post-40 Bloggers’ before GoDaddy accidentally deleted the site and 7 years of work by over 500 subscribers. An enthusiastic photographer, Melinda is also the passionate founder of the bespoke cushion making brand, ‘The Cushion Maven.’

Follow Mel:

Blog: What Mel Did

Instagram: WhatMelDid

Twitter: HerMelness

Facebook: WhatMelDid



Pin it for later: 10 black British lifestyle influencers to follow

Pin it for later: 10 black British lifestyle influencers to follow


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Sunday 27th of December 2020

Love this - thanks for the info will definately be following them.


Friday 9th of October 2020

Thanks for a great share and I'll be following! This bloggers list has given me a different view on blogging in 2020 inspirational! Looking forward to reading more. Harmony


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

And if anyone wants an 11th, try SingleParentPessimist on Insta or her blog ;)

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