The B List: 8 laugh out loud funny blogs

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You’ve heard about the A List. Now we have something even better: The B List. Like our Brilliance in Blogging Awards, our new B List — the official name is The BritMums List — celebrates noteworthy Influencers in specialty niches.

With the B List, we name, highlight and celebrate an increasing number of Influencers with a diverse group of skills and talents. There are more bloggers and social media influencers every day — the B List provides curated lists featuring the best emerging and established talent.

This edition of the B List focuses on funny blogs! The writers who make you laugh out loud with their words. The blogs you seek out when you want an amusing coffee break and those you just can’t help checking in with. These bloggers feel like our friends.

The funniest parent bloggers 

1. Brummy Mummy of 2 –
Emma shares stories of her day with her followers and is like your BFF next door. Emma can make the most banal and often frustrating moments of parenting funny. She cheers you up on those tough days and makes you feel like you are normal and not the only one dealing with tantrums!

2. So Happy In Town (S.H.I.T) –
Susie is an ex-City trader turned teacher, living in London town with her three children (A.K.A the ‘little S.H.I.Ts!). A campaigner for mental health awareness, Susie always has us snorting our tea through our noses and nodding along. Her posts are hilarious because they are so true.

3. Pass the Wine Please –
‘Mum Malarkey’ takes the real moments and makes them hilarious. We particularly love her ‘tips’ style posts — always tongue firmly in cheek having us nodding along in recognition.

4. Life, Love and Dirty Dishes –
BritMums’s very own LOL Editor, Claire, is the queen of observational humour! She can make any situation funny — from school runs to chickenpox and we love reading her monthly round-up posts!

5. Mummy Muckups –
Melbourne mum Anna shares her highs and lows of family life with two children and laughs along the way.

6. And another 10 things –
If you like your blogs feminist, funny and in lists of ten, this one is for you!

7. Whinge Whinge Wine –
Fran writes about her family life, blogging and does reviews in her honest and matter-of-fact style. The captions she puts on images are as funny as the candid blog posts!

8. Absolutely Prabulous –
Prabs is a British Asian living in Malta who speaks French to her kids! She writes about marriage and motherhood with a large dollop of sarcasm and believes that cake and medication are essential to raising children! Her naturally funny posts are relateable and each one will have you clicking through to the next.

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