The B List: 11 inspirational parenting blogs

B List logo on BritMumsYou’ve heard about the A List. Now we have something even better: The B List.

Like our Brilliance in Blogging Awards, our new B List — the official name is The BritMums List — celebrates noteworthy Influencers in specialty niches.

11 Inspirational Parenting Blogs

The content, the voice, the enthusiasm and dedication of these bloggers inspires everyone around them, whether it’s about a charitable cause, personal challenges or simply rising to the demands of daily life. 

1. Clarina’s Contemplations, – Clarina writes from a joy-filled space even through hardships, parenting challenges and the ups and downs of daily life. This faith-oriented blog is upbeat and positive without sugar-coating life. Expect to come away feeling blessed. 

2. Five Little Doves, – Laura (below) is mother to five children – ‘Lewis, Eva, Megan, Harrison and Joseph, who lives forever in our hearts.’ Her philosophy is simple: ‘I share our life raising rainbows whilst raising awareness of the subjects close to our hearts.’ We come away from her posts feeling more positive and thankful about life, plus the photography along is enough to lift our spirits. Her moving posts on baby loss are a must-read for those coping with its effects. 

Five Little Doves screenshot - BritMums

A screenshot from Five Little Doves


3. Hannah Spannah, – Hannah’s blog doesn’t shy away from the hard topics, whether it’s death of a family member, single parent life, chronic illness and more. It’s life, with all it entails.

4. Northern Mum, – Northern Mum frequently writes about parenting a child with diabetes and other vagaries of parenthood. We love her warts-and-all approach: She’s not afraid to to view it all with a wry down-to-earth smile. Plus, we are very admiring of her year without booze.

5. Our Fairytale Adventure, – Emma from Cheshire runs a good all-round inspirational blog, featuring topics we find ourselves thinking about most weeks: how to be more mindful in daily life, judgments at the school gate, real-life reviews and being a good consumer/citizen (cruelty-free makeup, reducing plastic waste, book reviews, family days out).

6. Often Called Cathy, – We frequently see blogs about the experience of being a parent to a disabled young child. More rare is a blog that addresses the challenges when that child grows up. Her frank voice keeps us reading.

7. Steph’s Two Girls,  – On Steph’s blog PDA means not public display of affection but Pathological Demand Avoidance. Here, you can find out more about PDA, read guest posts on the subject and discover regular old reivew. She addresses expectations and reality her family confronts — lots to keep you reading.

8. Surviving Life’s Hurdles, – Natalie is creative, crafty and coping with multiple sclerosis. She shares what she’s learned, eating plans and the fact that there’s more to her than MS. It’s all in the name — surviving life’s hurdles — and now she’s back after a blogging break! 

David and donetta9. My Two Mums, – This award-winning LGBT lifestyle blog follows the lives and adventures of Kirsty and Clara and their son. Look for insight into being a same-sex parent along with reviews, days out, their birth story and more.

10. Muddled Mother, – Michelle aims to raise awareness about postnatal depression, borderline personality disorder and anxiety. ‘My blog heavily focuses on mental health, but also includes my family life, children and is a place for honest reviews on products for every family.’

11. David and Donetta, – David and Donetta (left) look like a couple we’d all love to hang out with, and we can relate to the attitude embodied in their name: Married and Winging it. ‘We’re just an average couple doing stuff that makes us happy,’ they say. Check out their YouTube channel, with reviews, pregnancy diaries and more. 

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