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The 47 funniest things kids are curious about

The 47 funniest things kids are curious about

Every wonder what’s going on inside children’s little minds? We asked our community of parents what types of questions their children have and it provided real insight into the things kids are curious about. The results were amusing, intriguing and surprising! Parents revealed the funny things their children say and wonder about, along with the funniest questions they ask – some of them sweet, some scientific and some quite thought-provoking for the grown-ups as, well. Have you ever wondered whether ants are the first social networkers? Because they have!

Read on for the funniest questions kids ask!

What kids wonder about their bodies

  1. ‘Why can’t I see my eyes?’ @seasiderclare
  2. My 5-year-old wants to know why humans don’t have tails @platespinner
  3. My little one is obsessed with moles (or beauty spots), even more when she found out it was called a mole! @nb_bubbles

Baby questions

  1. My brother asked my mum when my sister was born ‘Can we put her back, I want a brother!’ @TheMiniMe
  2. ‘Is Daddy having a baby too?’ @rachelgully
  3. Learning about babies – ‘Can I have Eli in my tummy tomorrow, Mummy?’ Erm … @JJMcGlynn

What kids wonder about sex

  1. ‘So is it the man that asks if he can have sex or does the woman ask?’ @saralewis
  2. ‘What are those lumps below my willy?’ — my 6yo over tea on Sunday @scarface_9
  3. ‘Why are those cats/frogs/insects wrestling?’ @staffstechgirl

Kids’ funniest science questions

  1. ‘Is the moon really made of cheese?’ @peonies76
  2. Huge curiosity in our house about space, in particular how can the universe have no end – deep for a 5 year old! @platespinner
  3. ‘Where does the sun go when it is dark?’ @ali991
  4. ‘How did the crocodiles survive when the meteor hit the earth?’ @Andipowpow
  5. ‘Did ants invent the world’s first social network?’ From my 11 year old @kateonthinice
  6. ‘Why do sheep and cows sleep standing up?’ @lunchboxworld
  7. ‘Why did we used to be monkeys and why aren’t we still monkeys?’ @huggi2005

Special People

  1. My 4-year-old son asks why are all postmen not called Pat! @LairdMeredith
  2. ‘How does Santa get in when there’s no chimney?’ He has a magic key obviously @ali991
  3. ‘Mummy, is there really a man in the moon?’ @V82CHRIS
  4. ‘Is the tooth fairy real?’ Hard to carry on telling fibs when they are age 8! @TheMiniMesandMe

The funny questions kids ask about food

  1. My 3-year-old daughter asked me if I could grow sausages in the veggie garden @ChezFoti
  2. ‘Why do I have to eat broccoli when Daddy doesn’t eat his?’ @makima25
  3. My LO today ate soil and asked why couldn’t she eat it all the time as it was tasty (says a lot for my cooking!) @gidders1
  4. ‘Why don’t they make vegetables tasty?’ Erm, well that is a good point actually! @ScienceSpa

The things kids are curious about with family

  1. My daughter asked of my husband’s divorced parents: ‘Has Grandad ever met Nanna?’ @KidsMenu
  2. We have had to explain several times that their Big Nan was in fact their Grandad’s Mummy. They couldn’t work it out @rachelgully
  3. At the family Christmas party my child asked: ‘Why did you call my nana annoying?’ Gulp! @misskatietweet

What children ask about death

  1. My son at 4 wanted to know: ‘Why do you go to Devon when you die?’ @platespinner
  2. My son asked me, after our cat died, that when people and animals die, do they go to Morrison’s? @SAHDandproud
  3. ‘Why does God let people die?’ @SJMitch377
  4. 4yo: ‘If you go to heaven when you die, how come skellingtons (sic) live in graveyards?’ Um … @cazroz

Why Do They Say These Things In Public!?

  1. Mine ask me: ‘Why do some people make rubbish packed lunches? Why don’t they make them like you Mummy?’ @lunchboxworld
  2. ‘Why does Miss Fletcher have a moustache like Daddy?’ @milkpetal
  3. ‘When Daddy snores, is it trumps coming out of his mouth?’@and1moremeans5

If Only Children Were In Charge

  1. ‘But why can’t we have lollipops/chocolate/beer for breakfast?’@domesticgoddesq
  2. Eldest always asks ‘Why do you need money to buy things?’ I wonder the same thing! @simply_hayley
  3. ‘Why do you have to go to work, Mummy?’ @KarenLemon1
  4. ‘Why do we have to be born young and grow old? Why can’t we be born old and get young?’ Didn’t know what to say to that! @KellyRocks

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