39 delicious Bramley apple recipes

Bramley apple crumble in a bowlBramley apple recipes ideas

Bramley apples are British classics, grown here and perfect for tangy recipes. We asked BritMums influencers to share their top dishes at our #BramleyApples Twitter chat. Below are their favourite recipes for tasty breakfasts, easy lunches, savoury dinners, and delectable desserts — with ideas for everything from kugel to pizza to stews, soups and tarts.

Bramley apples are ideal for cooking – they produce a melt-in-your-mouth texture and don’t lose their distinctive tangy flavour in cooking the way other apple varieties can. Phil Vickery calls Bramley the “the King of British apples” and Delia Smith calls herself “quite definitely a Bramley lover”. With 205 years of heritage, they are definitely the cook’s choice.


BritMums blogger apple recipes

Bramley apple breakfast ideas

I love to cook #Bramleyapples down to a sauce, add a little sugar and a cinnamon stick. Keep a pot in the fridge and add it to your porridge @missielizzieb

Would be perfect in my Great Grandmother’s kugel recipe! @Melaina25

Bramley apples always good for smoothies to chop up and bang them in that blender with yogurt @Falkirkgirl

Cooked with cranberries, used as a filling in pancakes @suenatal

I love grated Bramleys in homemade muesli with oats, apple juice, yogurt, sultanas and flaked almonds @JSO600

Inventive Bramley apple lunch recipes with cheese

I love gorgonzola & Bramley pizza! There are many Bramley apple fans in Japan! #Bramleyapples http://t.co/63zkVQx8s6 @applekitaro

Love Spinach, stilton and apple tarts – so summery! Pic is plum version-but apple delicious too! @charlotte_jones

Wensleydale and apple pie x yum @MSEDollyp

Keep it simple: Ploughmans lunch cheese and #Bramleyapples amazing! @thelifeofwife1

I like cheese and Bramley apple sandwiches. The two tastes complement each other @MSEDollyp

My Grandma makes a sensational Bramley apple, parsnip and chestnut soup as a festive treat. @HollyLeFitz4 (Check out this version of the soup we found on The Daily Mail site)

Bramley apple recipes with meat

I like to put Bramley apples in the slow cooker with pork. @ThreeBoysandCat

In autumn we add to stews and to mash to serve with pork chops @goriami

Thinly slice the apples with bacon and onions in a steamed suet pudding! @Keykno

Here’s something savoury: Bramleys bacon and potatoes classic British combination @hill_wheeler

I remember my dad used to wrap steak in apple slices and bacon to cook. Yummy @GetCakedGlasgow

Bramley apple cake recipes

Love this Swedish Apple cake from my mother-in-law’s cookbook. #bramleyapples and easy too! @jhowze

You’ll never tire of eating this Toffee Apple Cake, a firm favourite in our family @Maris_world

My mum always used to put chopped apples in her fruit cakes @Keykno

I have a fab recipe for Choc Apple Betty #bramleyapples sugar breadcrumbs chocolate goldensyrup butter @VicWelton

Easy Bramley apple dessert recipes

Heat oven to 180, score the apples & stuff with mix of brown sugar, cinnamon & sultanas. Bake 40mins serve with cream @chickenpie75

Bramley Apple and Blackberry Pie – so juicy! @BrassoLasso

Bramley Apple Fritters with Toffee Sauce @LilMissmeatfree  (Editor: These ones look delicious!)

I recently found St Stephens pudding an apple steamed pudding. Delicious and easy @ali991

Low in fat and high in taste this Apple Meringue is so quick and easy to make! @FabFood4All

Bramley apple snack recipes

Apple Crisps yummy with some added Cinnamon — crispy and healthier than usual supermarket ones @Falkirkgirl

A spiced loaf of bread with Bramley apples and walnuts @ThreeBoysandCat

Bramley apples are so incredibly versatile. They’re fab grated to make a buttermilk bread. Imagine that fresh hot with butter! @TweetieKaz

Bramley apple recipes for children

Apple and cinnamon flapjacks — fun for kids to make, yummy for them to eat @Jazz_Shoedance

Apple Snow is fun to make and my children love it. @Sue72

My 8-year-old son makes the best apple crumble @thesoupdragon44

Cheap and yummy traybake is a basic sponge mix on the bottom a layer of sliced apple, topped with more sponge! @JanBagnall

Both the boys still love stewed apples and custard @mumslittlepeeps

Bramley apple and caramel pancakes are the perfect indulgent treat @HollyLeFitz4

Bramley apple jams, sauces and butters

Bramley apples naturally make the best apple sauce for Sunday roast pork @JSO600

This Plum and Apple Jam is one of my favourites: light and refreshing. I have it at breakfast! @FabFood4All

I love using Bramley apples to make a spicy apple jelly. Great to go with pork but my family also likes it on toast. @flossiecrossie

Blackberry and Apple Jam – simply out of this world:-) @FabFood4All

They are fab in apple chutney as well @ali991

I love apple butter made with Bramley Apples @Vikkyhope

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