The good, bad, and funny aspects of parenting teens

BritMums blogger Joanne Gray at Mother of Teenagers rounds up this month’s best tips, advice and anecdotes from fellow parents of teenagers to help navigate the complicated world of adolescence.

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The blogging world of Teens & Tweens has been quiet for a while. But as we all settle into 2020 and look ahead there has been a revival among our community with some truly inspiring posts on what keeps us awake at night as we parent through this secondary stage.

Getting back into the swing of things

Probably like many I have enjoyed the break that Christmas and the New Year offers but it is always good to be back and revisiting the need to put finger to keypad once more.  My post is not about parenting but just quite simply getting back into it.  I am sure we can all identify with that.  

How much independence should you give your teen?

Radio 4 termed it ‘snow plough’ parenting, but Liberty has her own take on this crazy phenomenon – lawnmower parenting.  It all amounts to the same thing and is without a doubt something that we can all connect with.  Your kids are growing up and desperately grasping for independence, which requires a certain amount of control from a parental perspective.  How far do we all go to keep our teens and tweens on the straight and narrow but still allow to them to flourish?  Liberty’s tips are well worth a read in her post “What is Lawnmower Parenting?”

Tips for parenting a troubled teenager

Kate, a veteran blogger has experience in bundles of what to do with your teens and her post on parenting a troubled teen is no doubt a useful resource for many that have been in the same situation and let’s face it dear friends, as a parent of teens or tweens there are many challenging moments on this particular parenting roller coaster.

The importance of talking to your teenager

The good, bad and funny of parenting teens is a given.  It’s not easy full stop being a parent, but even among all the tough times there are glimpses of joy and that is never more prevalent than as a parent of teens.  Emma’s post emphasises the need for good communication and I for one am always banging that same drum.  If you don’t talk then there will be problems.  End off as the teens say.

Teaching teens how to manage their own money

A big part of parenting teens is the journey that takes them from school to university.  It’s a big step for the teens and the parents.  As a parent we are worried that we haven’t prepared them enough to flee the nest and there is no doubt that situation repeats itself with the teens themselves too.  I have been through this scenario myself already but as my youngest prepares to follow in her brother’s footsteps I am always looking for ways to do it better.  If you are new to the game or like me repeating the same process, then take a read of Jan’s post on what is no doubt the most fundamental part of sending our treasured teens off to Uni – the finances.  It’s not as easy as it looks and no matter how hard you think you have prepared them – there is always an unexpected scenario around the corner.  

Teen parenting anecdotes and wisdom

The Teen & Tween blogging community is small and it makes it hard to find those posts that make a difference each month.  Sarah at Mum of Three World edited this column herself and still inspires me and many with her pearls of wisdom.  Her post on the good, bad and funny of 2019 made me smile – there is so much we learn from others but Sarah always delivers on another level – please read her post on what has hit her blogging buttons over the last year and make sure to follow her going forward into 2020.  

I hope you enjoy reading these posts from our teen and tween bloggers and please do remember to send in your new posts going forward [email protected]

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About Joanne Gray

Jo is a freelance writer and blogger at Mother of Teenagers. Previously a PR consultant for 20 years, Jo lives with her husband and two teens in London, whilst harboring a desire to return to the coast . Jo’s blog is a glimpse at the reality of parenting during the secondary school years and beyond, as well as comment and opinion on the issues and challenges teenagers face growing up. Jo also enjoys writing about a range of topics related to midlife and her own experiences of this secondary life stage. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @motherofteensuk.


  1. 11 February 2020 / 11:58

    OH the snowplough parenting thing made me cross when I heard them talk about it on Women’s Hour. Isn’t that just what parents do? Surely we all try to make our kids lives as smooth as we can for as long as they will let us – that’s just good parenting! On the flip side, I do know there are parents who try to totally avoid things for their kids – like the internet – which never seems to end well. Our kids need to experiment in order to learn from their mistakes, and I think the earlier they do that the more chance we have to help them while they’re still living with us.

    • 16 February 2020 / 21:15

      Helen I couldn’t agree more. I know parenting teenagers is a stage that many dread but it is an age I have and still really enjoy. It is a point when they need to grow, express themselves as individuals and find some individuality. Of course there still have to be boundaries but if we over protect them too much at this stage more than any other how can they ever be ready for the challenges of adulthood? Thanks for thoughtful comment. xx