10 of the most embarrassing things kids say in public

Kids say embarrassing things. They often don’t have a filter, and while this can be cute at times, more often than not it can create difficult — albeit hilarious — situations for parents. (Sometimes these are only hilarious in retrospect!) We recently asked parents what the most embarrassing thing their child has said in public, and their answers did not disappoint. Here are some of the best responses. (Also check out these 47 funniest things kids are curious about — you might be surprised!)

1. ‘We once stood in the queue at a supermarket and my 3-year-old shouted, “Are you not buying any wine today, Mummy?”’


2. My kid in the Morrison’s checkout to the lady serving us: ‘You look just like my grandad!’”


3. ‘My son asked, “Is our Uber driver a robber, Mummy?” whilst we were in the Uber.’


4. ‘Our daughter asked her grandma at a family gathering, “When are you going to die?”’


5. ‘My son asked if the man in Asda had a baby in his big tummy like his auntie!’


6. ‘Once my eldest shouted out in a synagogue whilst pointing to a man in a zimmer frame, “Mummy, look it’s Macca Pakka!” Luckily the man didn’t know what he was talking about but everyone else seemed to….’


7. ‘We were in Sainsbury’s looking at the sale rail and my daughter looked at an older lady and said VERY loudly, “Look, Mummy, that lady has a tummy like Daddy Pig!” The lady was very cross and I was mortified!’


8. ‘My son has a speech delay. It was a summer day and the neighbours were in their gardens. He was shouting “sixty numbers” in the garden but it sounded like “sexy neighbours”…’


9. ‘”Mummy, why is that man’s head too big for his body?” to a waiter serving us who had a perfectly normal head size…’


10. ‘My 5-year-old daughter said to me waiting in the checkout in Sainsbury’s: “Do you have an upset tummy, Mummy? You should have stayed at home or you might poo yourself!”’


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