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30 Spooky Halloween pranks & activities for families #ad

30 Spooky Halloween pranks & activities for families #ad

Doing Halloween pranks as a family not only raises our spirits. It’s a great way to bond, have fun together and keep our kids creative and mischievous. We asked parents to share some of the best family pranks they’ve done…and why they love doing them. Get ideas for having fun together this Halloween.

The chat was sponsored by MAOAM, which promotes mischief as beneficial for the whole family. Get inspired to bring a burst of mischief to the everyday by visiting the MAOAM Mischief Hub — it has tricks, tips, videos and inspiration from their mischief maker Max plus Dick and Dom! 

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Easy pranks for kids

Looking forward to scaring the kids with the regular fake spider in the bath fun. @Relaxosaurus

You can’t beat the spider in the bath @AngeP1969

Fake poo , whoopie cushions and spiders are quite popular @Mummyandmex2

Tomato ketchup as blood! @littleblondepea

My kid this morning was hiding plastic mini spiders in tea mugs and my husband has put a few in her bed as a retaliation @WavetoMummy

My daughter filled a Halloween bucket with MAOAM and offered her dad one. What he didn’t know was the bottom of the bucket was full of slime so he got a handful of slime along with his yummy sweets lol! @Tantrumstosmiles

The classic pretending to throw water at each other from an empty cup 💧 @FoxVillageFox

girl dressed as witch for Halloween with spiders in liquid hand soap
@Dianestar17’s daughter spots soapy spiders

My daughters like to hide under the dining room table or behind the sofa and then jump out to scare whoever walks through the door! @SpookyMrsGreen

They had those fake ice cubes with flies in, but I had to get rid of them as they kept doing it to guests 😳 @Goriami

We loved adding Spiders to our soap (apt in these current times too). @Dianestar17

Put tape over the remote control so daddy can’t change the channel 😂 @Relaxosaurus

My husband and kids hid behind the coats so when I came home and put mine in the cupboard they screamed and knocked about ten years off of me @Rennie1811

Drawing on Daddy when asleep is classic! @missielizzieb

My son covered some Brussels sprouts in melted chocolate then put some spooky eyes on them then put them in a chocolate box!! They where not tasty at all. @mumoftoo2


Organising a Halloween treasure hunt

Le Coin de Mel’s daughter with a clue for their Halloween hunt

Instead of trick or treating this year will give the kids a Halloween hunt in the garden much like an Easter hunt. @Hannytravels

Here’s a fun Halloween treasure hunt idea from @LeCoindeMel — with a light-hearted trick too for family! @BritMums

Yes we are having a spooky treasure hunt in the garden and during the day we will be going on the The Great DORSET pumpkin trail where we will fill the kids’ bucket when they find a pumpkin in someone’s window or garden. Trying to keep the fun and safe. @Hannah_Eaton21

porridge dyed green for Halloween

My boys also love adventure so a ‘find the chocolate skeletons’ hunt also goes down well. @Summerfun110

Halloween at home pranks for parents

Last Halloween I pranked the kids with ‘spider pizza’ lol! I brought plain cheese and tomato pizza and used black olives and a few other ingredients to make spider shapes on top and then cooked it. The kids actually thought it was cooked spiders on top LOL!

I am also going to make a spooky dinner (green spaghetti and finger-shaped meatballs!) and have some fun and games too! I have brought some Halloween sweets to set into jelly and some green sauce for ice cream for pudding too! Of course we will all dress up too and lots of mischief, pranks, fun and games too! @Tantrums2Smiles

One of the funniest things we’ve done at Halloween has to be putting different items in a box for the children to describe. Then as the last thing there’s nothing there….until you grab their hand with yours 🎃🎃 👻 @Goriami

Unscrewing showerhead and putting in fake blood making it look like a blood shower. Also used gravy granules to make it look like the water was dirty @Relaxosaurus

Doing this door sweet-drop prank on the kids with @OfficialMAOAM stripes! So easy to do, I explain how here: @Nomipalony

Why we should make mischief with our kids

Hannah Eaton‘s son has a bit of fun

Making mischief with our kids shows them that we don’t always have to have our sensible hats on and no matter how old you get you can always make time for fun! @TrixitySmith

My kids think we are a COOL mum and dad, they love the fact that we laugh and joke about most things. Lifes too short to be grumpy so live it happy and silly. @mummaabear77

Never be afraid to look silly if it makes you all laugh and smile! @Tantrums2Smiles

Definitely brings us closer together, more competitive (as non of us like to be outdone) which keeps our minds active to create more pranks! Always laughing and living as happy as can be. @Mummaabear77

It helps us laugh out loud which is good for us all. Laughing is a great stress reliever @V82Chris

Sometimes the best kind of self-care is embracing your inner child and having fun! @GoldstoneReiki

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