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Baking: 30 Horrifying Halloween sweet treats

Baking: 30 Horrifying Halloween sweet treats

A huge welcome to our Halloween Baking Round-up, with the best Halloween baking ideas, easy cupcakes and treats and vegan recipes as well! Grab something nice to nibble at and put up those feet. You’re so worth it, busy bakers.

As the sunshine casts the most glorious orange light onto the leaves of the trees every afternoon, you can almost hear the zombies turning in their graves….or I so can. The end of the summer means only one thing to me…Halloween and baking my scary socks off. I am already scouring the baking and sweet aisles for anything remotely gross or gruesome. Candy eyes, gummy eyeballs or anything I can use for replica brain matter. For some weird reason the whole Halloween food thing really floats my baking boat, or even not baking boat. The fact that a couple of Oreo biscuits can be made into a bat with massive fangs in 2 minutes really makes me squeal!!!! Never mind some quickly stuck together rice krispies in white chocolate shrouds with candy googly eyes…I’m positively giddy. Someone slap me I’m having a spooky sugar rush.

Halloween party tips

I love to throw a Halloween tea party for my children every year and invite who ever has the scary stomach for it. Usually a handful of wide-eyed, wired and already sticky fingered children. At any other time I’d make a run for it. But for this annual occasion I can’t get enough. Screaming is the order of the day, in fact the success of my party rests upon it. Every year I aim for a Halloween table better/more gross than the year before. My research starts as soon as the summer sunshine fades and I can no longer get away with flip flops for the school run. So writing this post was a true labour of Halloween love and has enabled me to get ahead of the ghostly game. Winner, Winner Devil’s Dinner. But no matter if you are laying on a complete Halloween spread or just looking for a spooky recipe to make on it’s own, you have come to the right place. Fill your vampire boots.

Scary biscuits and cookies for Halloween

The biggest selection I have for you is the cookie and biscuit category. So many ghoulish ways to dress up a cookie or a biscuit for a Halloween party. The first is one of my own and so simple you could easily make it with your own children. Peanut Butter Halloween Cookies with orange and green food colouring and freaky candy eyes, from the Apply to Face blog. Such fun!

peanut butter halloween cookies with candy eyes

Craggy peanut butter cookies dyed green and orange with candy eyes are easy and delicious. Picture: Apply to Face

The next cookie recipe I have for you are these Scary Spider Cookies from Something Sweet Something Savoury. Made with chocolate chip cookies, Nickki creates spiders on top from giant chocolate buttons, candy eyes and chocolate icing for the legs. So cute.

Cooking With My Kids has a similar simple but brilliant recipe with her Halloween Spider Cookies using Maltesers, chocolate chips and chocolate writing icing.

We also have some delicious and very seasonal pumpkin cookies from Searching For Spice. These Spiced Pumpkin Cookies are still following the spider theme but wonderfully spiced with mixed spice and more cake like in crumb.

Gluten-free, vegan and free-from cookies

And another recipe for Pumpkin Spice Halloween Cookies but this time gluten free and vegan from The Peachicks Bakery. Flavoured with pumpkin spice and sandwiched together with vanilla icing they would be a welcome addition to anyone’s Halloween Table.


Make your very own pumpkin patch with these Pumpkin Spice Halloween Cookies! Made from Glutenfree & Vegan Viennese Whirl dough for #FreeFromHalloween

These Pumpkin Spice Halloween Cookies! Made from Glutenfree & Vegan Viennese Whirl dough. Picture: Peachicks Bakery


A very spooky take on Halloween cookies is brought to us by Veggie Desserts. These absolutely fantastic Naturally Green Peanut Butter Witch Finger Cookies  are grossly green and will have your children squealing with delight (and are ‘easily vegan and gluten-free’).

Rows of green witch fingers - cookies made from spinach (can't taste it!) to make them green, almond slivers for fingernails and jam at the bottom to show them as severed fingers.

These peanut-butter witch’s fingers are naturally green. Picture: Veggie Desserts

A slightly more advanced recipe from Glutarama is worth every effort it requires. These gluten-free amazing Slimey Wagon Wheels are just what you need to wow your guests at your party.

Easy Halloween biscuits

Mummy Snowy Owl has this very easy recipe for Spooky Mummy Biscuits. Using shop bought gingerbread men, chocolate chips and ready made white icing she thriftily creates a plate full of delicious Mummies. This would be another ideal recipe the children could get involved in.

Another fantastically simple assembly job is brought to us here expertly by The Gingerbread House with these Oreo Spider Cookies for Halloween. 

One of my absolute favourites here is another Gingerbread recipe with Crumb’s and Corkscrew’s Halloween Gingerbread Skeleton Men. These are made with a gingerdead cookie cutter which marks out the skeleton outlines on the gingerbread for you to fill in with white icing after baking. So brilliantly effective.


They're creepy and kooky, and all together... cuties! How could you not resist these adorable Halloween Gingerbread Men for the spookiest night of the year

Crumbs & Corkscrews used a ‘gingerdead’ cookie cutter to make dem bones. Picture: Crumbs & Corkscrews

Blood-curdling cupcakes for Halloween

Moving onto the Cupcakes section brings us yet more ingenious recipes. The first is from The Baking Explorer with her Bleeding Brain Cupcakes. Made with a red velvet sponge and filled with strawberry or raspberry jam with pink brain icing these are sure to delight and gross out with equal measure.


Bleeding Brain Cupcakes

Wrap your head around these. Picture: The Baking Explorer

Fab Food For All has these fantastic Easy Halloween Ghostly Cupcakes. Simple but deadly effective she fashions spooky white chocolate ghost toppers. Complete with video tutorial to show you just how it’s done.

A Strong Coffee bakes these spooky Surprise Inside Halloween Cupcakes. Easy to decorate with strips of ready made icing and Smarties. I love them.

Surprise Inside Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Easy mummy cupcakes. Picture: A Strong Coffee

The Inspiration Edit scares us half to death with her Frankenstein Cupcakes For Halloween. Surprisingly simple to do and a real show stopper.

Only Crumbs Remain brings us these brilliant Blackcurrant & Liquorice Spider Cupcakes. Filled with blackcurrant jam and topped with chocolate buttons and liquorice these cupcakes are super effective and delicious.

These blackcurrant & liquorice cupcakes hide blackcurrant jam. Picture: Only Crumbs Remain

We have a vegan cupcake for you too with these fun 4 Easy Vegan Halloween Cupcakes from Free From Farmhouse. Another one for the kids to get stuck into.

Included in the cake section are these Pumpkin Apple Mini Cakes from Baking Queen 74, made with a toffee cake packet mix and some chopped apple these very cute mini cakes are great fun. Along with Halloween Brownies from Cooking With My Kids. Helen bakes her easy chocolate brownie recipe and then decorates with white icing and candy eyes. She encourages the kids to practice their piping skills with the mummy bandages. This is actually something I do too with my own fudgy Chocolate Brownie recipe. However I am far too controlling to let my kids near the party ones!

Unusual Halloween-themed terrifying treats…

Meringue lends itself very well to the whole Halloween vibe and Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen has these great Halloween Meringues. Another recipe with a video tutorial to help you.

Add a Spooky twist to classic meringues with these Halloween Meringue Pops.

Meringues for the season. Picture: Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

The Baking Explorer also uses meringue in her Bloody Bone Pie. Made with a pastry bottom and filled with a creamy vanilla, no bake cheesecake it is topped with bone shaped meringue and white chocolate blood splatters. Eek!!

Another cleverly creative recipe for sweet treats are these Easy Raspberry Halloween Mummy Pies from Veggie Desserts. You can make them with just three ingredients but she also gives the recipe for your own blood curdling raspberry sauce.

Make these quick and easy raspberry hand pies for halloween. They're a great way to get kids cooking. Make the filling with fresh or frozen raspberries, or just use raspberry jam for a 3-ingredient halloween treat!

Easy raspberry Halloween mummy pies. Picture: Veggie Desserts

Simple and scary Halloween no-bake delights

Finishing off with the no bake section we have some fun treats. I know not strictly speaking baking but a Halloween Table would not be complete without them in my opinion. Again they are great fun for the children to do themselves.

The Gingerbread House has this Easy Halloween Bark. Crazily easy to do it can be adapted for any season but lends itself so well with lots of grizzly sprinkles.

Another simple show stopper is this Spooky Rocky Road from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen. Packed with crunchy biscuits, Smarties, marshmallows and chocolate. There is an option to make it in chocolate orange flavour too.

Spooky Rocky Road - a delicious and easy to make Halloween treat packed with crunchy biscuits, Smarties, marshmallows and lots of chocolate. There's an option to make it taste like Chocolate Orange too!

Our favourite Rocky Road, with a Halloween twist. Picture: Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Something Sweet Something Savoury also has a delicious Halloween Rocky Road for us. Using lots of Halloween themed sweets this treat has a scary surprise in every bite.

Fabulous Family Food From Donna Dundas has a more traditional Halloween Rocky Road recipe but I am LOVING the eyeball theme she has got going on here.

Halloween Rocky Road in tin

A great way to use up Halloween leftover sweets. Picture: Donna Dundas

Rice Krispies lend themselves well to be moulded into scary shapes and Craft With Cartwright has these delicious Peanut Butter Monster Krispie Cakes. Sure to make them think twice about eating them.

I too have my popular White Chocolate Rice Krispie Ghosts. Again so simple with only a few ingredients but lots of fun to make and eat. My kids absolutely love them.

I just had to finish off with this stunning recipe For How To Make Delicious Toffee Apples for Halloween from Supergolden Bakes. A little bit healthy and a lotta delicious these toffee apples would bring a smile to even the grumpiest of ghosts.

How to make delicious toffee apples for Halloween | Supergolden Bakes

Traditional toffee apples…or poisoned apples from a witch? Picture: Supergolden Bakes

And that’s spookily all, folks. I hope you have enjoyed all these creative and downright gruesome recipes. I have had an absolute blast and am filled up to the cauldron’s brim with ideas for my best Halloween Table yet. Do let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the above. I love to hear from you. 

Pinterest image Halloween sweet treats
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These look good, especially the gingerbread skeletons. Thanks for the post! :)



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What a fabulous collection of Halloween bakes. So many great ideas.

Thank you for including my spider cupcakes

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Tuesday 8th of October 2019

So much inspiration! We're going to be on holiday at Halloween this year though so I'm not sure if I'll actually get to make much!

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