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6 cheap and easy Halloween costumes for kids

6 cheap and easy Halloween costumes for kids

Halloween is around the corner. If you haven’t even thought about outfits for the kids yet, these quick and easy Halloween costumes for kids are just what you need. They are DIY, won’t break the bank and are mostly made from materials you already have lying around. Plus we’ve made them even easier by adding tips for taking shortcuts. Click on the images for more detailed instructions.

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A pizza costume from cardboard or felt 

DIY Pizza costume from
DIY Pizza costume from

You want a pizza me? This pizza costume is made of felt but you can easily knock a cheaper version together by cutting a large packing box into a large diamond shape. Fold in half and cut along the fold to make a neck hole. Use glue to stick on coloured tissue paper to look like toppings. The kids will love helping with this one.

Simple bumblebee costume

Bumble bee costume by

This busy bee outfit won’t sting your wallet. All you need is a yellow t-shirt or top, some strips of black material (try cutting up an old T-shirt), some fabric glue, some fairy wings, a black plastic headband, black pipe cleaners and some yellow foam balls. Simple!

Minions Halloween costume made simple

Minions outfit by

If your child already owns a yellow hoodie and some denim dungarees this Minions costume is a no brainer. Just add a pair of pound shop glasses and a tutu or paper ‘Gru’ logo for extra authenticity. Phew!

Dress them as a favourite Emoji 

Emoji costumes by

For this super-simple Emoji costume, grab a large piece of cardboard from a packing box or similar. Draw and cut out a large circle. Paint it yellow and then draw your favourite emoji features on top. Fix some string on both sides to the top using a hole punch so that it can be worn around the neck. Easy!

A scarecrow Halloween costume for kids

Scarecrow outfit from

A plaid shirt, wellies, straw hat and a pair of jeans or dungarees are all you need for this Scarecrow outfit. This is one Halloween costume for kids that’s cute, matches the autumn theme and also allows room for them to jump, run and play. We think the bits of straw are especially cute. A bag of straw shouldn’t be a problem if you have pet rabbits. Otherwise, use raffia or create some by cutting up paper.

A bubble bath costume with balloons

Bubble bath outfit by

This cute bubble bath outfit couldn’t be simpler. Dress your child in a white or blue t-shirt and leggings. Inflate a bunch of white and blue balloons and fix them to your child’s clothes in clusters using double-sided tape. Add a rubber duck or other bath toy for extra points.

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