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#MAOAMmischief: 5 tips for easy light-hearted Halloween pranks 2020 #ad

#MAOAMmischief: 5 tips for easy light-hearted Halloween pranks 2020 #ad
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Halloween is a great time to make mischief and pull fun family pranks with your children. These tips for pranks make it easy and fun for everyone.

Mischief is a state of mind that families can embrace any time of year – it helps kids to grow up more imaginative, free-spirited and fun-loving. Halloween is our annual reminder of the importance of mischief, bringing the family together for spooky fun. To keep it easy, light-hearted and fun for kids and parents, use these tips from the mischievous folks at MAOAM. 

Why you should make mischief with your children

Scientists have proven that making mischief is good for the whole family, so get inspired to bring a burst of mischief to the everyday by visiting the MAOAM Mischief Hub. With the help of certified ‘mischief maker’ Max (you know him as the little green guy on the front of your MAOAM sweet packs) and his partners in mischief Dick & Dom, you’ll find lots of mischievous pranks, fun activities and silly inspiration.

MAOAM is known for full-on fun with their yummy sweet treats, many of which are individually wrapped – including their best-seller Stripes – which are perfect Halloween treats! Here, we share MAOAM’s advice for keeping Halloween pranks fun! (Looking for ideas for pranks themselves? Check out these 35 ideas for family pranks.)

5 tips for pranks and easy Halloween mischief for kids

1. Keep mischief simple and easy to pull off

Don’t worry about something elaborate. It’s about a fun burst of laughter that everyone enjoys. Halloween prank idea: A fake spider in an unexpected place, an ice cube with a fake bug – silly, spooky, simple!

2. Make mischief part of the everyday

Encourage your family to celebrate the Halloween season with pranks ‘baked in’ to the normal routine! Halloween mischief-at-home idea: Send the kids in to wake up the other parent wearing Halloween masks. Call them to lunch with a pair of Dracula teeth in and see if they jump when you go in for a bite!

3. Mischief can happen anywhere

Little mischievous games and fun don’t have to be scheduled or set up. They can take place wherever you are! Halloween mischief idea: Challenge the kids to do a ‘spooky’ walk to get the bread, milk and broccoli or have a silly face contest while running errands in the car.

4. The only lasting thing should be memories

Mischief is about harmless fun, whether that applies to people, things or the state of your sitting room! Set up rules before completing any mischief missions and make sure kids know that the only lasting thing from their fun should be good memories.

5. Mischief uses the imagination

Tell your kids you want to make some Halloween mischief and everybody should use their imaginations. One MAOAM Mischief idea: Name an object in your house – the remote control, dad’s left shoe – and get everyone to give it a name and tell a spooky story about its life or debate what its costume would be for Halloween. Challenge your children to come up with other ideas for silly Halloween mischief.

Get more suggestions on how to make the mischief fun for everyone with the Max’s 10 Golden Rules of Mischief.

Discover easy Halloween prank ideas for the family on the Mischief Hub.

5 tips for slightly scary and fun Halloween prank ideas for kids and teens.  All are DIY, totally fun - the whole family will enjoy!
5 tips for slightly scary and fun Halloween prank ideas for kids and teens. All are DIY, totally fun – the whole family will enjoy!

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Wednesday 21st of October 2020

It’s so important to keep the mischief and fun in your lives right now, especially when times are so heavy! These are great tips.

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