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40 fun, creative ways to give scratchcards this Christmas

40 fun, creative ways to give scratchcards this Christmas

Scratchcards from the National Lottery give you (or your loved ones — *ahem*) the chance of winning up to £1m this Christmas, which would make the season a very merry one indeed! National Lottery Christmas scratchcards can be used on gifts, ornaments or the dinner table — scroll down for loads of inventive ideas. (Looking for the best scratchcards to buy? Read up on the odds with The Best National Lottery scratchcards to buy in 2020 and check out the National Lottery scratchcard section to see the prizes available and how many remain.)

They make fabulous, fun extras for the over-16s on your list, and there are so many ways to gift them and include them in your celebrations.

We collected creative and crafty ways to gift scratchcards for the festive season, from drink party ideas to gift decoration.

You can see on the National Lottery Facebook page how Lottery money supports charities and campaigns. And just think: This fun holiday gift for over-16s could end up being the most exciting thing they get!

40 fun ways to have a scratchcard Christmas!

Create scratchcard surprises

Christmas scratchcards

1. Make your own Advent calendar with a scratchcard for each day. @YorkshireMumof2

2. My mother-in-law sends us all scratchcards in our Christmas card as an extra present. @MotherScuffer

3. I make simple gift tags for wine with a hole punch and pretty red ribbon.  More interesting when giving as a present. @jhowze

4. I’m making mini ‘This is your Life’ books using a couple of pics and popping a scratchcard on the final page. @goriami

5. Last year a friend gave us scratchcards wrapped in old paper and tied with a ribbon like a scroll. @mummyblogger

6. On Christmaas Eve/Christmas Day, pop one under their pillow for a morning surprise. @Missy_B83

7. If you like writing thank you cards for the gifts you received at Christmas, pop a scratchcard in as an extra thank you. @Vintagerocksx

How to use scratchcards on the Christmas tree

8. Attach them to paperclips and hang off Xmas tree as decorations. Then hand them out. @KaraCariad

9. Putting them in baubles is good. We have pretty ones that separate so everyone can pick one and see. @tricia1982

10. Blutack them into a star shape – put on top of tree, then on Chrsitmas Day share out and scratch by everyone. @TheBeezleyBuzz

Using scratchcards on the Christmas table

11. I leave for one everyone on the starter plate. @HertsChick

12. I like them as a surprise at the table, clipped onto the place setting name. @TheBeezleyBuzz

13. You could hide them in napkins when laying the table. @LWeightloss

14. We had scratchcards between courses on Christmas day as a little treat. @Mummyadventure

15. A lottery card and a scratchcard in a homemade Christmas cracker at the dinner table causes a lovely buzz. @cakesphotoslife

16. Sellotape them to the bottom of dinner plates. — they must eat all their sprouts to get your surprise scratched! @cabface

Make them part of fun and games

17. They make great prizes when playing Christmas games. @Beth1979

18. Use them as a kind of Russian roulette for adults – some envelopes contain chores and a couple with scratchcards in instead. @goriami

19. My festive tip is to have a scratchcard Christmas Treasure Hunt. Hide them in the house and the adults can search them out. @afamilyday

20. They are fab if you play an adults pass-the-parcel in between wrappers. @mumslittlepeeps

21. We put scratchcards in balloons filled with confetti then hang them up on Xmas Eve. Guests can choose which one to pop. @Luckysammystar

22. We play Monopoly on Christmas Day, put the scratchcard in the middle, whoever lands on free parking first wins! @Webkinny

Hide them in gifts

23. I’m making a Xmas hamper with lots of different bits for my mum and putting two scratchcards in. @lisanorfolk

24. If you are giving a gift of clothes with pockets, put them inside the pocket. @LWeightloss

25. Pots of gold for grownups always go down well: gold sweets, coins and a scratchcard! @mumsabettalife

26. They are also good for slipping inside books, diaries, dvds, cds or especially socks as a little something extra. @LWeightloss

27. Buying a new wallet or purse as a Xmas present, pop in a penny (for luck!) and a scratchcard. @goriami

28. Chocolate with a paper wrap and add a card to the back of the wrap in Charlie and the Chocolate factory style. @goriami

29. Slip a scratchcard into a new pair of gloves for a surprise when they go to try them on. @kenlandab

Who gets a scratchcard?

30. Pop one in the Binman/Postie/Milkman’s card if you can’t stretch to a tip. @missielizzieb

31. They make fab secret Santa presents for hard-to-buy recipients. @Vintagerocksx

32. I send them in cards to penpals up and down the country. @Webkinny

33. Make a mini hamper for teachers’ gift – Christmas mug with scratchcard, chocs and smellies tied up with ribbons. @TheBeezleyBuzz

34. I always put one in my husband’s Christmas card as we don’t buy presents for each other so it is a token gift. @Staceyyy86

It’s great to win!

35. Put a wee cheeky scratchcard in my partner’s Xmas stocking. Won £100! @cla25e

36. I got a scratchcard yesterday and won £20. It meant a treat of fish and chips for tea. @Missy_B83

37. I won £50 on a card the other day. I then bought 25 more for my scratchcard crackers! @Baillie-MyLife

38. I won £200 on a scratchcard at the Xmas dinner table a few years ago. We split it between 4 of us. @Staceyyy86

The Last words

39. Give them in new pants with a note saying, ‘You might get lucky!’  @SonyaCisco

40. Leave one out for Santa with his mince pie @TheBeezleyBuzz

Discover the best ways to give scratchcards, with inventive ideas for putting them on the table, on the tree, with gifts or as part of games!


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