35 fun pranks & mischief for kids and family

Making mischief and pulling fun pranks as a family is a seriously fun way to bond, get silly and raise everyone’s spirits. To inspire families, MAOAM have launched their Mischief Hub, with its own ‘mischief maker’, Max (the little green guy from the MAOAM sweet wrappers). The MAOAM Making Mischief from Home guide is the home of MAOAM’s mischievous content, including pranks, creative inspiration and mischief missions with partners, Dick and Dom! And naturally you’ll want to celebrate all that fun with some MAOAM! (This post is sponsored by MAOAM.)

In the meantime, check out these ideas from fellow parents about how they make mischief at home with their children.

Funny mischief & pranks for children

Here are fun and easy pranks that kids can do — you can help them use these on other members of the family…or share the ideas and then wait to be pranked yourself!

boy peeking out of small suitcase as prank

@Jessies_kitchen son plays jack-in-the-box

1. We thought nobody else has thought of doing a jack-in-the-box before too. I found the pic taken 8 years ago, he’s 11 now. 

2. Anything that embarrasses me goes down a treat with my family. Following a business trip my son made a sign and held it up at the airport saying ‘Welcome home from Prison’ … walking out with my boss was fun! @Relaxosaurus

3. Mine think it is a silly prank to put the empty wrappers back in the bag! @FairlyGirly

4. My daughter once swapped all Dad’s plain black socks for her own. Hilarious in the morning when he thought his feet had grown overnight! @missielizzieb

5. A fake spider always works! @AModernMother

plastic spider on red apple



6. Any joke to do with poo is a big hit! 🙈 Here’s a favourite… What was Tigger doing in the toilet? Looking for Pooh! @KirstyConnor7

7. What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm @angep1969 😂

8. My daughter loves to play the ‘copy game’ where she’ll copy you for ages! Not one of my favourites…. @VeeJay78

9. There’s 18 months between my son and daughter, but they like dressing up like twins to confuse me @CateMcAlin



10. My toddlers loves messy baking, painting, playing pranks on daddy, playing peek a boo… so many mischievous things to do! @georgiedreams

11. Leave your phone unattended and get loads of selfies magically appear! @VeeJay78

Mischief and pranks to do as a family


13. We love the trick of stopping the hose and asking someone to check down the end! @TheBeesleyBuzz

14. We once served up a raw egg in an egg cup. Was a bit messy when dad cracked his ‘boiled egg’! @missielizzieb

15. A joke granny used to play on the kids: grabbing her realistic rubber egg from the tray and tossing it to them in the kitchen! @JHowze

16. If you fall asleep on the sofa, it’s an unwritten rule that you’re face will get drawn on or you’ll get covered in stickers or make up! @VeeJay78

sleeping dad with stickers on his face

17. We were a bit more mean on holiday @missielizzieb

dad sleeping with clothpins on his hair

18. Who doesn’t love a water balloon fight? @Hannytravels

19. My youngest brother used to find it hilarious to spray the tiled floor with furniture polish when we were little. I have 2 other siblings, this was hilarious IF you knew it was there HIGHLY SLIPPY (and dangerous!!) @Rachaelsit

20. They like hiding under our bed from daddy @Presscottigirl

21. Each family member takes a turn hiding daddy’s sock somewhere strange whoever finds it is the next hider. @Hannytravels

22. We played hunt the pea with another family who live near us. The idea was each family would hide a frozen pea somewhere on our estate and text clues to other family to find. We once did it in Ikea too 😂 @Hannytravels

tweet of young girl in dress-up

25. We hid from Daddy outside and moved places whilst he was looking inside so it went on for a looooong time before being found! The monkey loved it! @VeeJay78

26. Hiding stuff from each other is another favourite! @Tantrums2Smiles

27. My husband likes to shout ‘Please let me out of the cage’ when someone’s at the door! My son thinks it’s hilarious. There’s been a few delivery drivers really concerned though @Relaxosaurus

28. We love practical jokes! Clingfilm on the toilet is a favourite! Joke sweets is another – I think this is my fault – I loved them as a kid @bev_Metallica

29. Cling film across their bedroom door before calling them down for dinner is always a good one! @TMC7323

30. I have a cropped screenshot of my kids headteacher and if needs be I pretend she’s face timing to check they are working @Hannytravels

A simple bit of mischief: funny family photos

Families tell us that keeping silliness a part of daily life keeps the fun. 

31. We wear face masks. We make some ourselves and make funny faces. Little one loves it! @anilahussein2

32. Who doesn’t love the chance to stick a tongue out on a photo? @SLHuddlestone

family pulling faces for camera


@Prescottigirl family making funny faces on a walk

dad and child doing funny hand prank

Why do mischief & pranks with your children

mother and daughter laughing with text


Heck yeah! I feel younger when I’m messing about and playing with my four kids. @Carriecakes80

100% My Dad always says life is better when your laughing! He’s the lead mischief maker in our family and we a love it especially his 8 Grandchildren. @MummyMissChris

It’s really important for kids to see parents fun cheeky side that kids can really relate too! @Tantrum2Smiles

‘Sanctioned’ naughtiness is much better than the alternative! @BevMetallica

If your child is a bit sad or unhappy turning the situation into laughter soon diffuses it @PrescottiGirl

It’s important to laugh and have fun with children and to give them happy memories @AnouskaCD

Mischief makes memories! @Georgiedreams

MAOAM is featuring mischief challenges on its new Making Mischief at Home site. Find loads of inspiration. #MAOAMmischief @OfficialMAOAM #ad

5 fun pranks to do at home


Pin it for later: 35 fun pranks for the family!

Pin it for later: 35 fun pranks for the family!


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  1. 06 August 2020 / 13:16

    The prank with the Dad covered in stickers is brilliant! We will have to try this when the girls Daddy is asleep and see if we can pull it off