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39 hacks to make Christmas easier

39 hacks to make Christmas easier

75% of people agree Christmas is too commercialized and 46% of people say life is overcomplicated. BritMums talked to our network of influencer parents to share tips, ideas and hacks to make Christmas easier.

Have yourself a very simple Christmas

1. Love, laughs, family are the ingredients of a Simpler Christmas. All the rest are added extras. Create memories and enjoy. @pinkwinkgirly

2. My favourite #SimplerChristmas pleasure is to go to the church crib service @x2mum

3. Have an old toy clear out before Christmas to make way for new ones! @SuperDaddyofTwo

4. We wrap a cardboard box with cheap wrapping paper for our rubbish – looks good in photos instead of ugly bin @luckysammyg

5. We keep a Christmas book & write down what we do each year. Great to remember & document the event @jhowze

wheelbarrow ride amid Christmas tree lot
Wheelbarrow rides are an excellent and simple way to entertain kids in the run up to Christmas

Simple food ideas for Christmas

6. With it always being busy and everyone frantic, we have takeaway on 23rd and Christmas dinner on Christmas eve and then leave 25th for play. @amumsinspired

7. Stock pickles and crisp breads for an impromptu lunch and use the ends of peppers as Santa hats @NelliePomPoms

8. My little bakers making our festive cake! @LDChesterfield

9. We created a little Christmas scene, fab fun and delicious afterwards @pinkwinkgirly

10. I love baking for Christmas – last year we had Ninja bread @angep1969

11. Stock up on food that will get eaten and don’t buy food just because it’s festive @NelliePomPoms

12. We like making chocolate gifts! @JanTweetTweets

13. Baking festive treats with the kids and it also saves pennies as you can make loads more than u can buy! @Ami4levi

14. Save pennies for Christmas presents buy having lots of STEWS! Tthey can last for days on end @Ami4VLevi

15. If you are not a domestic goddess or god, accept that is unlikely to suddenly change on Christmas Eve. Be realistic! @kateonthinice

Simple Christmas crafts

Ninja gingerbread

16. Kids get an Advent activity to do each day, to help to get us in the festive spirit-making cards, decorating the cake etc. @makeandmendyear

17. Christmas Garlands are fun to make and Christmas tree hangers, fun activity and cute gifts @JustinePinky

18. Paper Chains – a great (and inexpensive!) Christmas activity to do with the kids. @rachiegr

19. Christmas crafts are cheap and keep my2 occupied during the xmas excitement! @Kayleigh_Cain

20. My daughter made a Christmas Angel from a wooden spoon to hang on her door @mia_low

21. Each year draw round your children’s hands, cut out paint green and place around your own home made hand wreath @pinkwinkgirly

Simple Christmas wrapping and presents

(You can also find inspired Christmas gift-wrapping ideas on our piece here.)

22. Visit charity shops for decorations, cards, gifts and fun outfits – it’s cheap, cheerful and charitable too and cuts down on waste. @kateonthinice

23. The adults in our families draw names so you only buy for 1 person. @jhowze

24. I buy things for Nancy’s stocking that she already needs such as toothbrush, hair bands, bubble bath.

25. I’ve bought scratch cards, put them in Christmas cards for friends, a nice little gift which could win! @ladyemsy

26. Wrapping can be done cheaply and creatively too – newspaper or brown paper works well @kateonthinice

27. We have just used string Simple but looks so effective @MummyBarrow

28. Wrap with brown paper, stamp it with festive print, very Eco. @DawnieEA

9. This year we’re wrapping using old silk scarves I’ve collected @goriami

Christmas KISS – Keep it simple Santa!

30. We are having a simple Christmas this year by staying at home just the four of us. We don’t want Christmas day to be about travelling @LDChesterfield

31. It’s easy to get swept along in belief that you SHOULD do x,y,z. we don’t NEED to, unless we want to. @goriami

Simpler fun and games

32. If you don’t want to go for a family walk turn the music on and have a disco! @goriami

33. Silly glasses and hats are fun. Laughs are free and make everyone’s day @pinkwinkgirly

34. We love walking round to see the lights. Went to a Window Wonderland display last week, was fabulous. @missielizzieb

35. Being together and not having to rush anywhere. We walk, talk and play games @goriami

36. Houses in the community decorated their windows, you walk round them finish in pub for mulled wine @missielizzieb

37. We like to take a walk together and choose our ‘yule log’ to burn on the fire over Christmas @missielizzieb

The last words

38. Have a lovely, happy and safe simple Christmas everyone. Make memories and enjoy the day @pinkwinkgirly

39. Spending time with each other especially at this time is a great way of having a simpler Christmas. Presence not presents! @rachiegr

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