Dads Round-up: The many facets of fatherhood

dadsWho are we as dad bloggers? We are fathers and husbands, yes, but we are many things besides. Wide-eyed and enthusiastic or bleary-eyed and jaded, we are fathers of babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teens, working dads and stay-at-home dads. And though our number as bloggers is small (but growing), we cover the full spectrum of parenting scenarios.

Hi there, everyone. I’m Tim (@thatchamdad) from the blog Slouching towards Thatcham. I’m a father of three children aged between three and eight living in Thatcham (the clue’s in the name!) in Berkshire, and I’m following in the footsteps of my BritMums co-editors John (Dadbloguk) and Dave (The DADventurer) as the third of the Three Musketeers of dad blogging editors. Or is that the Three Stooges? You decide.

Anyhow, it falls to me to close out the year with the final dad blogger round-up of 2015. So let’s dip into the pick-and-mix that is the dad blogging community and see what range of fatherhood experiences we have this month, shall we?

One of my regrets as a blogger is that I didn’t start chronicling my experiences as a father until our eldest was nearly one. I certainly wasn’t as organised as Mike (@ANewDadUk), who has been regularly recording his thoughts as he hurtles away from his life pre-kids – spoiler alert: when it’s gone, it’s gone – towards impending fatherhood. His Weeks 25-28 update does exactly what it says on the tin, covering the travails of moving house, equipping the nursery and Star Wars onesies. The Force is strong in this one!

When you start reading other parenting blogs, one of the first things you realise is that, whether you are a mum or a dad, the issues we face and the lessons we learn are pretty much universal. Scott (@ThaDayIsToday) sums this up with his recollections about toypocalypses and poosplosions in 10 Things I Learned in My 1st Year as a Parent. Similarly, Andy (@andymarsh58), as one of the growing band of stay-at-home dads, offers an interesting male Perspective on both the pros and cons of being a man about the house.

Once we’ve negotiated the baby phase and the toddler phase and the I’m-just-going-to-scream-a-lot phase – does that one ever actually end? – we move on to the school years. In I may be having sex later but I don’t know what type, Julian (@NorthernDadblog) tackles the thorny twin issues of marital sex and school reports – how’s that for a non-sequiter? – by showing off his moon-walking skills. Yes, really.

And it doesn’t get any easier as pre-teens grow into teens and start to flee the family nest. Mark (@BestDadICanBe) knows this as well as anyone as he takes on multiple roles, including the tried-and-tested job of chauffeur-in-waiting, as he describes in Waiting for Godot. And my son.

Finally, a quick shout-out to a dad who writes about the tough stuff as well as the fun things. I had the pleasure of meeting James (@stories_autism) at a blogging event recently. He writes with honesty and hope about the highs and lows of being a father of two autistic boys. Jude, one day … is a great entry point to his blog – a loving letter from a dad who plays a full role in meeting his children’s needs and raising wider awareness of autism.

And that’s your lot, not just for this month but 2015 as whole. If you liked the above posts, why not make it one of your resolutions for the New Year to add this diverse range of dad bloggers to your reading list?

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About Tim Liew

Tim, also known as @thatchamdad, is a blogger, a podcaster, a father of three (aged 11, 9 and 7) and a master of none. By his own admission he’s forever stuck somewhere in the mid-1980s, probably a Thursday. In between bouts of nostalgia, complaining about his aching joints and compiling endless music playlists, he has been writing about his experiences as a working dad on his blog Slouching towards Thatcham since 2008.

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  1. 21 December 2015 / 15:02

    What a great post and links to other dads that I haven’t come across yet. I have just quit my job as a teacher in order to spend more time with my young family. I am about to join the SAHDs and I am pretty excited. I love being a dad and I love seeing what other dads feel about fatherhood. Merry Christmas!