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SEND: Ideas for easing stress and anxiety at Christmas

SEND: Ideas for easing stress and anxiety at Christmas

The Christmas holidays can be an overwhelming time of year for BritMums’ SEND familles. This month’s round-up by Ann at Rainbows Are Too Beautiful focusses on tips and tactics to ease holiday stress and anxiety.

As we head to a busy time of year for many, SEND bloggers are sharing opinions tips and campaign messages. 

Autism friendly Christmas

For many SEND families, Christmas and the festive season can be very stressful. Faithmummy tells how the mix of autism and anxiety can be an awful combination. The Passable Parent lets us know that it’s OK when things aren’t picture perfect in our lives… because that’s often the reality of SEND. All the change at this time of year can be challenging, we take great care getting our home ready for Christmas in a way our family can cope with.   Tourette Tales shares their tops for an autism friendly Christmas that many with autistic family members may find helpful.  

A treat for Santa and his reindeer made by Tourette Tales

Highlighting the challenges

Alfie Elf on wheels

Ordinary Hopes turns their time to Alfie Elf on Wheels and has been out showing the challenges they often face all year around highlighted in an Advent Calendar style by Alfie, an Elf, not on a shelf but trying to get about in his wheelchair. But if you can cope with an Elf on the Shelf in your house MummyEst 2014 has some ideas for you. 

SEND friendly gift ideas

If on the other hand you are looking for ideas for Christmas, The Additional Needs Blogfather has seven ideas to help you through the festive season if you have your own ‘Edgar the Dragon’.  The Autism Page also has ideas for Christmas gifts if you are still looking for some. 

And as we head to the last few days of school here, Steph’s Two Girls reminds us that many still aren’t able to attend a school.  This post shows us why being out of school is no holiday while the rest of us start ours, in whatever form they take. 

However the season finds you, I wish you to know we struggle through it but this community never makes us feel like we are alone. Merry Christmas and see you again in the New Year. xxx

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About Ann .

"Rainbows are too beautiful," said Anthony. "I just can't look at them." Ann says her son's statement characterizes so much about how her autistic and neurotypical family interacts and interprets the world in their own wonderful way. Originally a PR and marketing professional for the third sector, Ann now does some lecturing in this topic but spends most of her time being a full time mum and sharing her experiences through her award nominated blog. Ann’s three kids attend different schools and have multiple diagnoses including Autism, ADHD, anxiety and more. Ann is a Trustee on a local disabled children’s charity and speaks at SEND conferences and consultations.