Healthy Egg Meals you’ll love

When it comes to cooking, eggs are almost magical. They contain vitamins A, D, B12 and folate. They are delicious when runny, hard, fried, boiled, poached, coddled or baked. They only have 66 calories per medium egg. And as we discovered with our #HealthyEggMeals Challenge, they can elegantly take centre stage in family meals.

The challenge was sponsored by British Lion Eggs. Look for the British Lion quality mark to ensure the eggs you eat are produced to the highest quality of food safety.

There has been an impressive display of cookery and presentation skills among the bloggers who took up the Challenge (with a special round of applause for everyone who drew hilarious faces on boiled eggs).

Vegetarian meals with eggs

We were tempted by Galina Varese’s very pretty and utterly wholesome salad of hard-boiled eggs with wild garlic and dandelion leaves and a scattering of primula flowers – irresistible.

salad with egg, dandelion leaves and prinula flowersWonderlusting’s original take was to blitz spinach and herbs with eggs and scramble them to create a dark green, protein-and-iron dish served with a selection of vegetables. To us, this looked like the perfect lunch. 

IssyWizzy77 paired eggs with seasonal vegetables and potatoes (below, left) for a hearty meal in which you don’t even miss the meat, while AH Scott introduced us to the notion of a vegetarian haggis platter (below, right), putting paid to the idea that vegetarian meals can’t be utterly satisfying.


healthy vegetarian egg meals


Family meals

Domestic Goddessque’s hash incorporates beef and kale with perfectly cooked eggs for a hearty skillet meal.

beef, kale and egg hash #healthyeggmeals

Helen Tobin-Perry used leftover chicken and vegetables to create an egg-fried rice dish, perfect for transforming that collection of bits and pieces lurking in the fridge.

And we’re just kinda in love with Sophie Lovett’s egg breakfast for her toddler: scrambled eggs, strawberries, and smashed avocado on brown toast, served in a no-food-touching tray.

kids egg breakfast with avocado and strawberries

Scotch eggs, reinvented

Scotch eggs were a feature – a meal you can carry in one hand. Victoria Welton’s take of this gorgeous picnic stand-by was a paleo-friendly, gluten-free version. Tom Plant’s interpretation: the home-made salmon Scotch egg, chock full of omega-3 fatty acids.

Perfectly poached

Nobody can resist the perfectly-poached eggs oozing deliciously over some roasted slivers of peppers and onions, any time of day. Vincent Gandy, we want to know your secret to spot-on liquid-centre perfection.

poached egg with peppers #healthyeggmeals

Classic egg combinations

We were inspired by some classic ingredients which bring out the very best in eggs: Amie Trewin managed to work in goat’s cheese and avocado into her amazing quesadilla while Marnie L matched the adaptability of fried eggs with the tang of spring onions and salt and spice of chorizo. Certifiable #foodporn.

The winning photo

The winning inventive dish, selected by an outside judge, was by nuttyasafruitcake: tarts filled with scrambled eggs with mushrooms and peppers and some beautiful roasted cherry tomatoes on the side. The meal was imaginative, using crispy light tortillas instead of pastry for the tart cases, appetising in its well-matched flavours and good for you to boot. A well-earned £300 voucher is making its way to nutty. Congratulations!

Egg tarts with mushroom, peppers and cherry tomatoes #healthyeggmeals
Thank you to everyone who entered, we have loved seeing your ideas – a visual reminder that there is nothing humble about the egg.

See all the entries on our #HealthyEggMeals Flipboard and be sure to follow @BritMums on Instagram so you don’t miss out on more challenges and daily memes.

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