50 recipes to make with eggs & leftovers

Broccoli and feta strata

Broccoli and feta strata from eggrecipes.co.uk

Eggs can make a meal out of anything. They’re nutritious, because of the protein, vitamins and minerals they contain. They are also great to combine with the most common leftovers such as potatoes, carrots, and bacon, making quick and tasty meals that also reduce food waste.

We held a #BritishEggWeek Twitter party to hear parents’ favourite egg recipes using leftovers. The party was sponsored by British Lion Eggs, familiar to shoppers via the red Lion stamp. You find it on egg boxes and shells and it means that your eggs are British and produced to the highest standards of food safety

You can find more inspiration and recipes at eggrecipes.co.uk. Here, favourite easy recipes you can make with what’s already in your refrigerator.

Breakfast ideas with eggs

One of my favourite egg breakfast recipes is baked mushrooms & egg in ham shells – delicious! @JoannaKrakowiak

Too much scrambled egg? Next day -Breakfast burrito – Stir in salsa and cheese and reheat and wrap in a tortilla @sugarthief

I love a fried egg and bacon sandwich using potato waffles instead of bread! @pootlepops

I love Huevos Rancheros @ali991

I just had boiled egg and avocado on toast for breakfast with left over bacon – so good! @StarCatch3r

Roasted veg with chopped banana & turmeric in a dish, make hollows & break in an egg  bake and eat! Banana Eggs! @Keynko

Quickie meals with eggs

You could make a fab pasta bake using eggs and milk as the sauce and then throw in any meat or beg leftovers you have @TiredmummyofTwo

My dad used to make a thing called a splat! Basically leftover veg  mash and cheese bound with an egg and fried @thesoupdragon44

You can’t beat scrambled eggs and tomatoes for a lovely lunch @mumslittlepeeps

Chuck eggs bacon & cheese in a pan with spinach. It comes out as a scrambled egg-cross-omelette & is yum 🙂 @racheBuzzel

One of the best things I’ve learned is how to make good scrambled egg @strongcoffee1

I love an egg cracked into avocado sprinkled with cooked bacon, then baked. Yummy spread on toast, trust me! @Jo_Bryan

Favourite things to make with eggs is batter – pancakes or Yorkshires! Make a giant yorkie then add in leftovers from your roast. @CarlaRTOATSblog

I love an egg cracked into avocado sprinkled with cooked bacon then baked. Yummy spead on toast  trust me! @Jo_Bryan

Scrambled eggs with a side of leftover Sunday roast @thesoupdragon44

A leftovers omelette is so easy to make – just use two or three eggs and any leftovers you have as filling! @MillyYMA

You could make a fab pasta bake using eggs and milk as the sauce and then throw in any meat or veg leftovers you have @TiredMummyofTwo

Chicken and egg pie, from Domestic Goddesque

Chicken and egg pie, from Domestic Goddesque

Chicken dishes made with eggs and leftovers

Mix leftover fish/ chicken with mash. Add cheese, form into patties and bread using beaten egg and breadcrumbs @gumdropbutton89

Chicken and egg pie made good use of my chicken leftovers @domesticgoddesq

Sausage, ham and bacon and egg meal ideas

Budget egg main meal is scrambled egg with sausages and grilled tomatoes @JSO600

Pan fry leftover sliced boiled potatoes, cabbage, chorizo, spices, add eggs at the end for one-pan meal @StarCatch3r

Toad in the hole! @MeTheManandBaby

With salads it has to be scotch eggs 🙂 @MeTheManandBaby

Carbonara – all you need is some eggs, parmesan and bacon and you have a delicious pasta sauce that’s super quick @StarCatch3r

French toast (or eggy bread) with spinach & ham – one of our favourite lunch recipes @JoannaKrakowiak

Crack an egg into a hollowed out bell pepper top with diced mushrooms and ham, pop pepper lid back on and bake for 20 minutes @carsonsmummy

1 leftover egg? Simple Pork Fried Rice is a regular on menu! @FabFood4All

Vegetarian egg main meals ideas

Avocado egg and chili toastsMy favourite egg recipe: crack one egg into a large mushroom and bake in the #Aga! Quick and easy @domesticgoddesq

We made these with left over peppers eggs rice and spring onions from the day before http://t.co/ErDEcgyy4d @SuperMommy1983

Oven baked egg chips and beans! Crack eggs over parboiled chipped spuds in baking tray. When done cover in beans! @carsonsmummy

Spanish tortilla with onion peppers paprika corn – great meal with some fresh salsa x @JSO600

Avocado, egg and chilli toasts. @LosingmyLemons

My Egg recipe made w/ leftover pizza items (tom sauce/peppers/spinach) @GW_78

Children’s favourite egg dishes

My favourite meal at school was Egg Beano: a fried egg on top of beans on toast. Still love it now @domesticgoddesq

My two love scrambled eggs mixed with pesto @cheetahswithshoes

Here is what my son likes for dinner: eggs crackers cheese @Mayorion2012

Eggs mornay (mashed hard boiled egg in cheese sauce). Both of mine loved it! @CelestialMum

We use up leftovers with mini no-pastry quiches. Great to make with a toddler #@BakedPotatoMummy

Banoffee cupcake

Banoffee cupcake by Cheetahs in My Shoes

Christmas egg ideas

Iif you are doing some pickling this autumn pickle some eggs ready for Christmas and party food

Have 2 eggs leftover? You can make my Granny’s Quick Lemon Curd! http://t.co/sTOrjeEKic #BritishEggWeek #recipe http://t.co/NgmdpVhy6x @FabFood4All

Brussels sprouts great to add to omelette. Roast then slice thinly then saute — yum @jhowze

I ADORE leftover Christmas Turkey and Stuffing egg omelette on Boxing Day @LuckySammyStarr

Sweet treats to make with eggs and leftovers

With some eggs and carrots/courgettes or bananas to use up, make a loaf cake. Extra good with cream cheese icing @Starcatch3r

This recipe uses up 5 eggs – Chocolate Marmite Brownies — love it or hate it? @cheetahsinshoes

Make waffles and then use up all the slightly old fruit for a sauce. Raspberry and apple is a favourite #BritishEggWeek @thesoupdragon44

I made mini egg tarts last weekend @etspeaksfrom

Can’t beat proper custard with vanilla seeds @missielizzieb

If you have fruit that needs using up, meringue is a perfect accompaniment @ThreeBoysandCat

Best use of eggs, flour, dash vinegar, milk, 2 eggs, whisk, Yorkshire puddings! Serve with golden syrup @thesoupdragon44

If you’ve some leftover bananas and 3 eggs you can make banoffee cupcakes http://www.cheetahsinmyshoes.com/cupcake-recipes/banoffee-cupcakes/@cheetahsinshoes


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