Healthy egg meals ideas for families

They are the ultimate in instant food – the perfect protein package – and there’s so much more to do with eggs than the simple boil, fry or scramble. BritMums got together with British Lion Eggs for the #HealthyEggMeals Pinterest Challenge and there has been no shortage of inspiring ideas from top BritMums bloggers and pinners, along with mouthwatering images to feed your imagination for your next meal.

#Healthyeggmeals from Mummy vs work

Mummy vs work’s bountiful Pinterest inspiration


Claire Mansell's #healthyeggmeals Pinterest board

Claire Mansell’s family-friendly (and cute) pins


Delicious egg dishes…and cute too!

First off, props to Mummy vs Work, who has pinned no fewer than 82 diverse egg recipes. We particularly like the sound of asparagus, egg, bacon salad with mustard dressing and spicy eggs and potatoes. We’re saving the uova da raviolo (a raw egg painstakingly enclosed in a pasta case) for a day when we have practise time and a fair number of eggs.

There’s only one problem on this board: The hard-boiled egg owls are possibly too adorable to eat, as is Claire Mansel’s Breakfast Bear with egg blanket.

Attachment Mummy's #HealthyEggMeals idea

Attachment Mummy’s board features dishes with asparagus, curry, mushrooms and more


Lisa Pope's healthy egg meals pinterest board

Go on a tasty tour around the world with Lisa Pope’s board


Doreen McCarthy's #HealthyEggMeals pinterest board

On Doreen’s board, look for kale quiche, baked peppers with kale, eggs cooked in spinach and more

International egg recipes

Extremely edible is Attachment Mummy’s board, which takes us on an international egg feast – everything from Japanese omelette to German egg salad and zucchini fritters. We especially like the egg and pepper galettes and the egg pirozhki, but to be honest, it all looks delicious … and achievable at home too.

The question about Lisa Pope’s board — Healthy Egg Meals from Around the Globe — is, Where doesn’t it take us? The recipes are a worldwide taste tour, featuring Peruvian soup, flamenco eggs, Filipino egg congee, Korean vegetable pancakes, Salad Lyonnaise, Mexican filled omelette and more.

Congratulations to Doreen McCarthy on her Doreen McCarthy7 board where she features a number of egg pins that include that ingredient du jour — kale — as well as other dishes full of greens. They all look mouthwateringly tempting while still being good for you.

Galina Varese #HealthyEggMeals on Pinterest

Galina Varese’s had us practically fainting with happiness, featuring egg dishes with gruyere, harissa, roasted fennel and beyond

Galina Varese’s egg recipes (aka Maximka25) features some favourite pins – who can resist her takes on that classic eggs benedict but this time made over Mexican-style with guacamole and chipotle sauce or an Italian-themed arugula and prosciutto? Or butter beans with dill, garlic and eggs? Or, or, or… We almost fainted with happiness at the thought of Algerian breakfast eggs, a fabulous combination of eggs, tomatoes, garlic and oregano, and green harissa eggs with aubergine. To die for. The purple, heritage tomato and herb beauty of beet-crust pizza is truly a thing to behold – as pretty as it is healthy and delicious.

Damian Thomas's egg recipes on Pinterest

Egg on your face? A couple of the tasty faces on Damian Thomas’s board

Some other great pins:

Damian Thomas’s egg funny faces

Suzanne McCusker’s pins have a fun twist, with Minions, Egg & rocket pizzas, and Ham & egg roses

Beckie Shelton’s pinned recipes, which have an easy-to-make theme

Leanne Abel has us salivating over Avocado, bacon & eggs along with Stuffed breakfast peppers

Leanne Knapman hits the trends, with recipes for paleo, skinny, low-carb, quick & easy

It’s amazing how simple and delicious the egg is, isn’t it?

Get more delicious egg recipes

Thanks to everyone who took part in the #HealthyEggMeals Pinterest Challenge. We had such an amazing response to our challenge. Look on Pinterest for more egg inspiration and visit for more recipes and ideas. 

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