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New Year, new start? For lots of us, January is time to focus on ourselves and our health and fitness – as many gyms up and down the country will attest! I always love making resolutions, though I freely admit I find it difficult to stick to them. Especially when it’s raining. 

This month’s round-up features posts focussing on New Year goals and ways to fit them into our lives – we would love to hear yours in the comments!

Katie on thin ice is looking to focus on her mental health and wellbeing this year, and thinks yoga and mindfulness may be the way forward – I’m looking forward to updates on that as mindfulness is particularly interesting, and probably important for busy parents who spend so much of their time in a rush. 

Being busy needn’t be an impediment to achieving your fitness goals though, Leyla from The Motherhood Diaries has several ideas on how to squeeze exercise and self-care into your hectic days. 

For those of us with young families, time for gym sessions and long solo runs or workout videos might not be feasible. Never fear, the lovely and ever so clever Hayley from Stretchmarks and Sparkles has some brilliant ideas on exercising while your kids are around – and with them, in fact. Great goals!

Kerry penned the excellently titled “10 Ways To Keep Fit When You Can’t Be Bothered” last year, but it’s totally worth a re-read and is very pertinent to this months theme. I think the tip of packing your gym bag the day before is a good one. The idea of rummaging around in the dark morning looking for your sports bra is definitely off-putting when your motivation is a little lacklustre.

Lots of people start off the year with Dry January, and Kerry and James from A Couple To Lose have 5 reasons why it’s a great idea! Starting the year with a set health goal and achieving it can certainly set you on the road to other similarly achievable goals – you can do it!

Fitness blogger Poppy Cross has some excellent advice on making changes in the New Year – namely, don’t go mad. Make sure your goals are actually achievable, or you’ll only make yourself feel awful if you falter. Slow but steady wins the race…

Good Luck everyone – let’s make 2018 our year!


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