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We love good podcasts — little bits of advice, education or entertainment that flow straight into our brains via our earbuds. These 10 handpicked podcasts are a great way to learn tips to improve your health and wellbeing without dedicating loads of time to reading (which let’s face it, it’s time we rarely have!). A healthy Mum is a happy Mum is a better Mum! 

1. Think celeb Mums have it easier? ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ podcaster Giovanna fletcher interviews high profile Mums such as Davina McCall, Fearne Cotton and Rochelle Humes in a bid to show you we’re all just muddling through, us parents, famous or not.

2. Scummy mummies are the comedian Mum duo who put the humour back into parenting and help us see the funny side of the whirlwind that is being a parent. Whether it’s pelvic floor woes or solidified Weetabix ‘mares, they’ll help you turn every pain into a giggle.

scummy mummies podcast

3. You may remember a fresh faced Madeleine Shaw from her polished wellness warrior days of baking superfood loaves for breakfast. The she became a Mum and her podcast ‘Get Your Glow Back‘ shows she really understands it’s not that easy. Cravings, sleepless nights, pre and post natal nutrition and baby loss are all topics covered recently.

4. If you’re after something a bit more holistic and dare I say it, hardcore when it comes to dietary overhauls, the Wellness Mama podcast covers subjects such as herbal nutrition, fermented foods for gut health, integrative medicine and neuroscience (brain) hacks. Probably better for Mums who are already doing the basics of keeping fit and healthy.

5. Ben Coomber Radio is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to while doing a workout. Ben and co-host Tom make eating healthily and exercising sound as simple as it is, because most people make it way too complicated! You’ll be reassured than being healthy is definitely achievable even if your knowledge of nutrition is currently non-existent.

6. 40 Fit and Fabulous by Mark Sleight is one I guest podcasted on and while it’s aimed at the over 40’s, the advice given can be followed by anyone. Simple, entertaining, thoughtful and easy to both listen to and follow advice given, Mark is great at getting the very best from his expert guests. You can listen to my episode here:

40 fit and fabulous podcast

7. I save listening to Dr Chatterjee’s ‘Feel Better Live More’ for evenings because his voice is so relaxing! Not just that but it’s rare you find a GP with such a holistic, lifestyle approach to health and treating medical conditions. Much more of your current and future health is in your own hands than you may have realised.

8. Fitter Food Radio by fitness & nutrition couple (in real life too) Keris and Matt discuss food, supplements, health conditions, and how to integrate it all into real life in their entertaining, easy to listen to chats that inspire you to eat better quality food (but isn’t fussy Instagram-style nonsense no one actually eats)

9. Yes sex health counts as health, in fact a good sex life (whatever that means to you) is proven to improve both physical and mental health! The Private Education Podcast is where you can go to listen to discussions around every conceivable topic on the subject of sex, and they don’t hold back!

10. Dr. Hazel Wallace, aka The Food Medic, is a fully qualified doctor but also a personal trainer with a strong bias towards lifestyle medicine and empowering people to take control of their own health with simple everyday choices. Whether it’s Intermittent Fasting, Heart Disease or emotional eating that’s being discussed, you can be sure you’ll get only qualified, sensible information and advice.

food medic podcast

11. And let’s not forget the Dads with this bonus 11th podcast ‘The Well Man’s Podcast’. Don’t be put off by the name yourself though, I listen to this podcast and it covers some really interesting, scientific but easy to understand topics such as detoxification, ageing and sleep hygiene.



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