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6 spooky Halloween pranks and crafts to do at home

6 spooky Halloween pranks and crafts to do at home

What are the best easy Halloween pranks and crafts for kids and parents? We asked some BritMums mums and dads how they make mischief, have fun and pull pranks with their kids. And we asked what good pranks their kids pull on them.

After all, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a spot of mischief. Here at BritMums we love a family-focussed Halloween, with everything from carving a Halloween pumpkin together, easy DIY Halloween kids’ costumes, and yummy Halloween food!

Here are the Halloween pranks, crafts and activities that these families loved.

1. Double whammy trick AND treat pranks

Ready Freddie Go put a sweet twist on the old bucket-over-the-door gag. Instead of using water in their bucket, they filled it with MAOAM sweets. Then the only thing to do was stand back, watch and wait for their victim (dad) to walk into the trap to hilarious effect. The good news: There’s a nice treat at the end of this trick!

2. Scary eyes everywhere

Tinuke Bernard’s clever kids shocked their mum when she got up in the night to discover these rather creepy glow-in-the-dark peepers. They also had a go at a popper scare. Mwah ha ha!

A Halloween craft and prank of making spooky eyes from toilet rolls
girl preparing to pull a Halloween prank
Tinuke’s daughter preparing a jump scare

3. How to do a Halloween scavenger hunt

Le Coin De Mel and her daughter decided to do a Halloween treasure hunt. Such fun to set up and a great alternative to trick or treating in these times. She wrote clues that had the girls racing around the house and garden. She also made some tricks, by replacing the sweet inside Joystixx with a cucumber. Go to her site for instructions on how to set up your own treasure hunt.

girl in Halloween costume making funny face after doing scavenger hunt

4. Spookified lockdown loo roll crafts

Nomipalony and son tried a slightly different version of the sweet drop prank, taping an open bag of MAOAM that lets loose when someone opens the door. They also had lots of fun creating a host of spooky characters out of old toilet roll, as well as doing pipe cleaner spiders and more. Mum loved the hands-on educational element of the crafts.

Boy taping bag of MAOAM sweets over a door as a prank
Setting up the sweet-drop prank
boy doing Halloween crafts

5. Frighteningly funny fridge invasion prank

Jen of Jen And Her Tribe of Seven gave her children a shocking surprise when she replaced the contents of the fridge with spooky decoration and MAOAM sweets. “Seeing their faces and hearing them laugh was all worthwhile!” she says.

Mom plays prank on children by filling the refrigerator with sweets and spiders

6. Fake ‘ice cream’ for dad

Ready Freddie Go’s husband has passed on his mischievous streak to his sons…but he ought to watch out for the tricks they’ve learned. They dished him up some ice cream, delightfully decorated with sweets. The only problem: The ‘ice cream’ was really mashed potatoes! You can see what dad thought of that!

boy playing prank on dad with fake ice cream cone

Visit the MAOAM Mischief Hub for more ideas, pranks and fun ideas!

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Here are 6 spooky Halloween crafts and pranks you can do at home! (DIY). Great for kids teens and adults.


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