#MAOAMmischief 4 pranking tips from parents #ad

Making a bit of gentle mischief or pulling off a good spirited prank to put a smile on your children’s and other family members’ faces isn’t just a laugh. Humour can help strengthen family bonds and boost mental health too. Something we need more than ever right now and pranks for kids are fun to boot!

That’s why BritMums is working in a paid relationship with MAOAM who have been encouraging families to do pranks with their children. You might remember we recently highlighted 5 easy pranks to do at home from their specially created MAOAM Hub of Mischief featuring kid’s TV funny men Dick and Dom.

Building on the success of their pranking suggestions, we asked several parents to use the Hub of Mischief for inspiration to pull off a few fun, cheeky but above all good-humoured pranks on their kids.

Here’s a selection of the best pranks and how their kids reacted.


1. Just bugging

Inspired by Dick and Dom’s Spider Scare prank Emma @ScienceSparks decided to freak out the family by freezing a toy bug in an ice cube and also by placing a life-like plastic spider in a bowl of sweets. BritMums has already banked this one for Halloween in a couple of months time!

2. Hide and sweet

Mum Angela of The Inspiration Edit set up a scavenger hunt, hiding a selection of MAOAM treats for her daughter to find around the house. The sneaky trick? She and her husband had removed the sweet from some of the wrappers. Their daughter was pretty cross when she came into the room and discovered the wrappers were empty! She did see the funny side and got her fair share of MAOAM treats in the end as you can see from photo below. 

‘It was great to have a bit of fun in the home and get up to some mischief as a family.’  – Angela, @TheInspriationEdit

3. Spoonfuls of family fun

Travel Lynn Family put a unique spin on the egg and spoon race for her two kids. Instead of using an egg, her children had to attempt an intricate garden adventure course while carrying a MAOAM Pinball sweet on a spoon without dropping it. They really went to town! (Read her post to see her son’s special trick for keeping his Pinball from falling.)

But it was well worth it. Check out the smile on this little one’s face! 


4. Doughnut stop believing!

Laura, mum of two @sidestreetstyle came up with a clever ruse to entice her two green-fingered sons. She convinced them to plant a couple of giant pumpkin seeds she pretended were  “doughnut sweet plant seeds” to see if they would grow into a plant yielding sweet treats overnight.

Here’s a snap of the two of them delighted that their plant really had borne delicious fruit the next morning. What we love about this idea is that even the most sceptic of kids will give it a try just in case. Nothing to lose and everything to gain after all. 

Sweets really to grow on trees!

More pranks from parents

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