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25 signs you are officially old, according to Gen Z Brits

25 signs you are officially old, according to Gen Z Brits

Do your teens rolls their eyes when you ask them to take the doggo for a walk or say you are hangry? Then you may be asking yourself, ‘Am I old?’

You’re not alone. And now the answer is definitive, at least according to some people. Research to insights by agency Perspectus Global shows that you’re officially over the hill when you hit 45 and there are obviouos signs, at least according to young(er) people.

Below are 25 sign you are officially past it, according to Gen Z Brits. Recognise any of these?

Am I old? Yes, if…

  1. You order a Cappuccino
  2. Your underwear is from M&S
  3. You watch Countryfile for the weather forecast at the end
  4. You ask for “milk and two sugars” in your tea
  5. You still have a DVD collection
  6. You ask for a “Rachel Cut” at the hairdressers
  7. You say “funky”
  8. You still send cheques for people’s birthdays
  9. You call trainers “sneakers”
  10. You make noises when you sit down
  11. You wear comfortable shoes
  12. You do not recognise any Love Island contestants
  13. You struggle to work your TV remote
  14. You plan a second route on a car journey just in case
  15. You become obsessed with bin day
  16. You move from BBC Radio 1 to Radio 2
  17. You have a side part
  18. You turn the music down when you park the car
  19. You have never posted a video to social media
  20. You can’t name a single YouTuber
  21. You use hashtags incorrectly
  22. You are still on Facebook
  23. You worry about not being able to find a parking space
  24. You ask for your steak well done
  25. You add salt to your food before tasting it

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Do your kids think you are old? Here are 25 signs you are officially ancient (according to Gen Z Brits)


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