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The funny places kids drop their pacifiers…and why! #ad

The funny places kids drop their pacifiers…and why! #ad

Asian child with text asking where kids drop their pacifiers

If there’s one thing we can count on as parents it’s that when your child drops their dummy, it will usually be someplace disgusting. At our #MunchkinMoments Twitter chat, parents shared the worst places that they’ve seen dummies land, including some that are just downright hilarious. The chat was sponsored by Munchkin, which is on a mission to simplify family life with big ideas for little hands.

We also chatted about three products from Munchkin that help keep things sanitised for baby and the whole family.

The Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser is the perfect mini steriliser for pacifiers and bottle teats when you’re on the go. You can pick up a dropped dummy, sterilise it in 59 seconds, then reuse it without missing a beat! The Munchkin 59S Nursery Steriliser can sanitise larger toys, plush animals, even tablets and mobile phones. Munchkin Steriliser Bags can sterilise up to 2 bottles plus accessories in the microwave in minutes.

Parents tell the funny places kids drop their dummies

Ali Williams dropped dummy near goat

Dummy v goat. Picture: Ali Williams

We’ve had: dropped down the toilet, dropped down a drain (had to admit defeat on that one), and constantly chucked in the car (scrambling under seats to try and find!) @missielizzieb

On a holiday to the Dominican Republic, my then 2-year-old daughter threw her dummy in the dolphin pool of a water park. I dread to think what happened to it. @BizzimummyUK

Lucas was a ‘chewer’ at one point so we had lots of chew toys for him to chomp on. I was forever finding them in dusty corners but the worse was in the cat’s litter tray (it got binned) @angep1969

Always fell in that really crumbly spot under seat! @AModernMother

During lockdown I have become a keen amateur gardener! My son has on many occasions thrown his dummy into the veg trug! He find it highly hilarious @n_hop90

My son swims at a swim club and we used to watch from the balcony upstairs in her pram. She once launched her dummy so hard it went over the balcony and into the pool below! Luckily it didn’t hit anyone but the life guard had to fish it out with a net LOL! @Tantrums2Smiles

child dropping dummy near lemur at zoo



Why do babies drop their dummies?

I am sure my son is going to be a future javelin thrower @n_hop90

Throwing it out of the pushchair has been a regular experience! Then wanting it back, then throwing it again! @amumreviews

My daughter used to always drop (read as throw, lol!) her dummy all the time, excited.. off it went, sad… off it went, tantrum… off it went! I was forever picking it up and having to carry a million replacements. A steriliser would have been much easier! @Tantrums2Smiles

How big is your dummy stash when you go out?


As many as I had available! @amumreviews

Two. Then if they all get dropped, I cry more than my child @Relaxosaurus

One that she knows about and can ask for. One that she doesn’t know about, so I can keep it safe for absolute emergencies! @chatterfoxblog

I used to take about 4 before I got the 59S mini, now it’s just the one! @hipsterbloggo

What parents think about the Munchkin Mini Steriliser

Genius on-the-go dummy sterilising with the @munchkin_UK Mini Steriliser in 59 seconds using UV lights Clapping hands signBaby bottleMy latest must-have baby item. portable-uv-sanitiser.html

This looks so handy and perfect to slip into a change bag or into the pram. Sterilisation is so important and it’s great to know such a tried and tested system works for little ones! @Tantrums2Smiles

I try to cut back on single-use wipes, so great to see a portable product you can take out with you @missielizzieb

I’m stunned by how clever this steriliser is!! @pippyhunt

The UV technology is so clever, much better than traditional methods that require a water source and hours to sterilise @chatterfoxblog

It’s nappy-bag size! My bag is packed full already, so this would be perfect! Will deffo be investing in one! @n_hop90

That’s just one thing that makes the Munchkin Mini Steriliser so great — it lightens the load every time you go out! @BritMums

I’d take it with me on a family picnic. Actually, I’d take it everywhere @LouiseyRollins

For bigger items: The Munchkin 59S Nursery Steriliser


Great size! @amumreviews

Oh my word my little girl will be thrilled it will clean her phone @Relaxosaurus

sweet baby making astonished face while holding iPhone


Using the Munchkin steriliser bags

Perfect for an active summer: Munchkin Sterilising Bags can be used to sterilise up to 2 bottles plus accessories in the microwave. How easy! @Louiseyrollins

I think it would be great for all your bottles! @0LoyLakes


What needs sterilising in your home?

Black baby with text asking what needs sterilising in your home


Definitely toys and basically anything that’s on the floor, that’s including the floor @Louiseyrollins

Toys like the play food in the play kitchen which gets pretend eaten and always ends up in the mouth! @pippyhunt

I could definitely use this for my phone! It’s constantly covered in grubby fingerprints from the small person in the house @angep1969

Play food — makes me cringe when they pretend to eat it Nauseated face Also play money and the till. So much touching @chatterfoxblog 

Teething toys! My son seems to be constantly teething and I worry about the germs @georgiedreams

Play tea cups. The constant pouring of pretend tea and slurping! @missielizzieb

Tell us the funny places your child has dropped their dummy or toy!

What do you think of the Munchkin sterilising products — would they be helpful for you as a parent?


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