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60 easy jacket potato filling ideas

60 easy jacket potato filling ideas

One of the best things about jacket potatoes is how deliciously versatile they are. Not only are they great for an exciting hot lunch, slimming diets and easy family dinners, you can pair them with all kinds of fillings and toppings, from meaty to vegetarian to vegan. In our #JacketPotatoHacks Twitter Chat with Love Potatoes, we asked parents to share their favourite baked potato fillings.

Some of great things about jacket potatoes: They’re gluten-free, fat-free, and can be prepared so they are vegetarian or vegan and feature loads of nutrients. (See all the benefits on the Love Potatoes site.) Wondering the best way to cook them in the oven, the microwave or even on the grill? Get our 5 fail-safe ways to make baked potatoes no matter how much…or how little…time you have.

Meat, cheese, vegan and vegetarian jacket potato fillings

Why we love potatoes

They are a simple nutritious meal. ‘The world’s your oyster with topping options,’ @pinkwinkgirly says. ‘Beans, curry, chilli or add your own twists and set the taste buds tingling. Something for all!’

Absolutely love a perfectly baked potato! The crispy skin is one of the best bits for me & very healthy too with all the vitamins it contains! @arroda

Jacket potato literally goes with anything, I swear! We have tried everything from chilli and spag bol to creamy chicken. My son even had meatballs in tomato sauce in his jacket potato once! @Tantrums2Smiles

I’m a mum of 2 teenagers so meal times can be tricky as they always want different things but with jackets potatoes they are perfect as the can top them with their favourites they like cheese n beans, tuna and sweet corn.

Screenshot of tweet from The Crazy Kitchen showing jacket potato fillings

Jacket potato filling ideas with meat

These easy and delicious baked potato fillings and toppings feature ham and bacon, chicken and chorizo along with vegetables, cheese and more!

  1. Cheese, crispy bacon and Tennessee sauce…yum BBQ spuds. @xxladyluck13xx
  2. Mushroom, bacon and sour cream, yummy! @Daddiesmumpet
  3. My husband and I like chicken and mushroom stroganoff as an “adult” topping OR Chilli with sour cream and cheese too!
  4. Cream cheese and chives with chorizo @Louiseyrollins
  5. Prawns for the other half, if he’s feeling fancy. @angep1969
  6. I love it with chilli – I actually prefer it to rice. @chelseamamma
  7. My favourite jacket potato topping is homemade crunchy coleslaw topped with crispy bacon and black pepper. @Peggle86
  1. Why not mix some corn beef in with your baked potato and double bake it for a tasty corn beef hash. @needaphone
  2. One of my favourite fillings is sweetcorn, bacon and red onions. @lisa2062
  3. Another way for both kids and adults is to make pepperoni pizza jacket potato – a winner every time! Adults can add chilli oil on top to spice it all up! @coxeefoxy
  4. Prawns in Marie Rose sauce is also delicious and a light alternative to pair with your jacket potato. @Thrifty_Mumma_
  5. Do posh pizza, with mozzarella & cheddar over pesto with pepperoni or bacon on top. Add some black pepper to complete. @Robynthebobbin
A cute baked potato with beans and cheese for kids with a funny face
  1. Chili cheese jacket potatoes are the best! Scoop out the cooked potato once baked and mix with siracha, cheddar cheese, soft cheese , bacon and seasoning before popping back in the oven with a sprinkling of cheddar. @twannywun
  2. I made homemade Italian meatballs in a chunky tomato sauce to go with pasta but my son likes to have his on a hot buttery jacket potato instead. I have to admit it looks delicious lol! @Tantrums2Smiles
  3. I’m going to do Caramelised Red Onion & Bacon for a change 🙂 @arroda
  1. BBQ sauce, chicken and cheese — it’s hunters chicken on a hot jacket. @Peggle86
  2. Love tuna and sweetcorn, but cottage cheese and chives is also yummy. @c_kedge
  3. We love our jacket potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil, caramelised red onion, crumbled bacon and fresh spinach. I throw the spinach on the potato just when it’s out of the oven — it wilts to perfection @JHowze
  4. We are big kids here and love cheese and beans. We do also love tuna mayo and coronation chicken. @shellywkd

Vegan jacket potato fillings

The vegan option can be great if you’re looking for jacket potato fillings without cheese or for slimming, diet or healthy toppings. Or you can simply enjoy these as meat-free but filling meals. These baked potato options are also great for getting more veggies into children’s diets.

  1. One of my favourite grown up toppings for a jacket potato is Mediterranean roast vegetables with houmous – absolutely delicious, vegan and healthy! @Thrifty_Mummy_
  2. It might sound a bit weird but I tried chopped up beetroot with some salad dressing the other day and it was very enjoyable. @Prescottigirl
  3. There is always a lot of leftover curry in my house, so a channa masala or black dahl totally peps up jacket potatoes! @TheCuriousPixie
  4. My daughter loves them with smashed avocado! @missielizzieb
Colourful vegetable stuffed jacket potatoes for kids
  1. A little splash of balsamic too is great for extra flavour. @Morrighani
  2. With sweet roasted vegetables is the best! @Morrighani
  3. Try pickled jalapeños with the veg chilli in a jacket potato — tangy, filling, yummy & no-waste! @JHowze
cute jacket potatoes with peas and carrots that look like mice
  1. Although I’m not vegan/vegetarian, we do have weekly meatless meals! A left over spicy dhal is super good on jacket potatoes @CoxeeFoxy
  2. My favourite is French Onion Jacket Potato — twice baked and a delicious treat between a decadent French onion soup and a simple jacket potato all combined together. @coxeefoxy
  3. I love mine with avocado and vegan ‘chicken’ mayo. Perfect with salad and some seeds sprinkled on top. @TheBeesleyBuzz

Vegetarian jacket potato fillings

Vegetables makes a great baked potato filling, turning it into an entire no-waste meal. Here are some great jacket potato fillings for kids with vegetarian options they’ll love.

  1. Creamy mushroom and garlic. @Lisa2062
  2. I love an extremely spicy veg chilli. I also add some guacamole, chipotle sauce and sour cream on top. It’s like a Mexican feast except using potatoes instead of tortillas. @Anglorain
  3. Cauliflower cheese is sooo good on a jacket potato @Beckielise
  4. If I’m not in a rush I like to scoop out the cooked potato & mix it with egg yolks, soured cream/yoghurt, parsley & spring onions. Whisk the egg whites & fold them into the potato mixture. Bake again. @anglorain
  5. Cream cheese and pineapple – seriously delicious in a fluffy jacket potato. @Siobhan_Lucy
  6. A mixed mushroom stroganoff jacket potato. @CoxeeFoxy
  7. If you haven’t had goats cheese and pesto on a jacket potato, you haven’t lived. @escapeveloxity
  8. Pesto, sun blush tomatoes and cheese. @Swimstar2000
  9. Red pepper & goats cheese is a good combo. @gottobein
  10. Mexican peppers & Onions — I thinly sliced peppers & onion, fry gently mixed with some fajita seasoning mix & then add to our crispy jacket potatoes. Sometimes accompanied by sour cream or guacamole Mexican Jacket Potato meal @gottobein

Leftover baked potato fillings

Discover the best leftovers to eat on baked potatoes, with these inspiring family-friendly ideas. They’re fast, easy and reduce food waste.

  1. I also like to cook a large batch of potatoes in the slow cooker wrapped in foil and then freeze the potatoes that don’t get eaten for a quick lunch. @ZMatthewman
  2. Leftover coronation chicken — the combo of the piping hot potato & cold coronation chicken is absolutely fabulous. @Reefy_Roo
  3. Beef Stew is a must too. @sophietrufshuf
  4. Turn your jacket potato into a mini fish pie. @Needaphone
  1. Leftover jacket potato goes great in a bubble and squeak! @Vickydoo
  2. Veggie curry leftovers are always great and complement a jacket potato really well….the curry flavours infuse for longer and taste better as leftovers – it’s the perfect match for a jacket potato. @Ms_Kiwi_Su
  3. Leftovers from the Sunday roast goes well with jacket potatoes such as gravy, roasted chicken etc. @carsandtractors
  4. Sooo good for using up leftovers. Nice with spicy vegetable pasta sauce. @missielizzieb

Baby-led weaning jacket potato dishes

Jacket potatoes are perfect for weaning. They are delicious, with a texture babies enjoy and can aid in baby feeding as well. Here’s what mums like about them.

  1. Mashed avocado with jacket potato. It’s so easy to prepare too. @Louiseyrollins
  2. My little one loved jacket potato mashed with cream cheese when we were weaning @Siobhan_lucy
  3. Jacket potato mash is also amazing – no matter how old or young you are! Drier and fluffier than regular mash. @TheBeesleyBuzz

More potato recipes and dishes

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Here are 60 jacket potato filling ideas for the perfect jacket potato! It includes healthy ideas, vegan suggestions, Slimming World recipes and of course tuna and sweet corn! Check it out there will be something that you will love.


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Paul Curtis

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

I like them with cooked Mushrooms, Bacon and fried Onion in Mango Chutney


Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

So many great ideas! Have to try the cauliflower cheese one!


Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

So many great ideas. I love The Curious Pixie's suggestion of using leftover curry.

Damion Founde

Thursday 18th of February 2021

These are great. Jacket potatoes are a really simple yet boring food. But it’s great there’s so many suggestions to make them better.. Going give one of these a try!