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50 inspiring recipe ideas for Maris Piper potatoes

50 inspiring recipe ideas for Maris Piper potatoes

Looking for inspiring Maris Piper potato recipes? Here are 50 easy potato dishes and meals you can make with Maris Piper potatoes, the great all-round potato variety with a fluffy middle!

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Ideas for tasty mash potatoes

We had nutmeg mash with my slow-cooked beef brisket last night. @domestigoddesq

I like making rustic mash by leaving on the skins boiling and mashing. All the goodness – no fiddly peeling!! @wendymcd83

Mashed with butter and mixed herbs and a dob of mustard. Perfect with sausages peas and gravy @BlueBearWood

Use up leftovers with Bubble and Squeak: mash Maris Pipers stir in veg, add garlic, shape, fry! @pootlepops

Cook a couple of carrots along with your potatoes to get some extra vegetables in your mash @FussFreeHelen

If you have any mash left over after dinner freeze it and use in cottage pie or fish pie. It freezes well! @starwell

Bangers and mash with peas and onion gravy has to be all time classic @catharmstrong2

You can also add a dollop of leftover mash to bread, pizza dough and even chocolate cake @FussFreeHelen

Comfort food with potatoes

Potatoes are great in curries to make them thick and filling. I stick it all in the slow cooker to make it easier @TiredMummyofTwo

I’ve got a beef and red wine stew in the slow cooker. Will have with mustard mash tonight. @missielizzieb

A Lancashire Hot Pot is my current favourite, especially for cold winter days! @AModernMother

Tomorrow on the menu is Smoked haddock and potato pie. I am SO excited! @MeTheManandBaby

Bake an extra potato or two and use them in baked potato soup. @FussFreeHelen

Bombay potato is another family favourite here. Nice and spicy and warming @missielizzieb

I love cottage pie @astrongcoffee1

I love to top slow-cooked chicken and leek with slices of potato and a sprinkle of cheese @thesoupdragon44

Another winter favourite is Corned Beef hash or even tuna hash as I try to do now I am on a diet! @TiredMummyofTwo

turn a potato into a boat for children's meals
@MoolBoots’s potato “boat” with baked beans and cheese

Potato recipes: Ideas for easy children’s favourites

Kids love cheesy mash! Just boil Maris Pipers til soft drain mash stir in cream cheese and cheddar! @pootlepops

I’ve found potatoes to be good for fussy eaters. Let them add their own toppings! Cheese. Beans. Tuna. @MeTheManAndBaby

I love making a moussaka more kid friendly by substituting the aubergine for potato slices! @wendymcd33

We adore potato wedges! But we cover them in BBQ sauce before baking them. They are SO delicious! @LuckySammyStarr

When making dinners for the kids, my potato skins go down a treat. We use a variety of toppings to keep it interesting @TiredMummyofTwo

My boys love my salt-and-black pepper potato wedges. Couldn’t be simpler to make @ThreeBoysandCat

Charlotte aged 7 months says her favourite potato dish is potato and parsnip mashed up! @MeTheManandBaby

My one year old loves potato and cauliflower mashed with cheese sauce @ThreeBoyandCat

The kids’ favourite recipe — baked beans topped with cheese and a potato “boat” @MoolBoots

I use my spiralizer to make potato curls which can be deep fried to make a great topping for stew and curry etc. @wendymcd83

I love crispy potato wedges….feel like chips but healthier! And you can add your home grown herbs! @KatiePrentice2

Frugal favourite Maris Piper potato dishes

Boil and mash potatoes and add Sunday leftovers. Shape into cakes and bake or fry for quick dinner @soupdragon44

I bake layers of #FluffyMarisPiper with shredded leftover roast chicken, chorizo and sliced onions a little stock and butter yum! @TimetobeanAdult

I love sausagemeat pie: sliced potatoes on top. Frugal too. @TiredMummyofTwo

My dairy-free lentil and potato bake! @wendymcd83

Grate potato and mix with chopped chorizo spinach and beaten egg for an amazing Spanish omelette! @bodfortea

I’m sorry but you just can’t beat the classic but yummy cheese and potato pie! One of our favourites @tricia1982

Grate spud, squeeze out liquid in tea towel, mix with salt. pepper, cumin and egg then squish into patties and fry @muddleduck

Rosti! I often add carrots parsnips squash or beetroot for extra vegetables. Top with cheese egg bacon. @FussFreeHelen

Great recipes for leftovers with Maris Pipers

Need to use up leftover mashed potato? Try these easy tuna and sweetcorn fluffy fishcakes @freefromfarm

A potato pancake made with leftovers is one of my fave things to do with a #FluffyMarisPiper @BigSpud

Chop up leftover roasties, mix with cheese and ham and fry in a little oil. Serve with a fried egg. Brunch! @ltibby17

Maris Piper potato recipes for salads

Don’t forget great cold potato dishes. I love a curried potato salad with cold roast beef on weekend @jhowze

We love potato salad and have been eating it all summer! Half mayonnaise, half low-fat creme fraiche, potatoes and dill Yum! @AttachmentMummaI

We love German potato salad. Dead easy to make: bacon, vinegar, honey and shallots and of course Maris piper potato @hedobaby

Ideas for jacket potatoes

Maris Pipers are perfect for Jacket Potatoes – rub in salt and olive oil then bake in the oven I always cook to many! @ThreeBoysandCat

I love the simple jacket potato – scoop out mix with smoky cheese spread and put back in skin re-baked! @MoolBoots

I am a bit partial to a ratatouille on a spud. @Jessies_kitchen

Cut baked potatoes in 1/2, scoop out flesh, mix with spicy pesto, spoon into potato skins, top with cheese and bake! @JoannaKrakowiak

I can’t wait to make these Bonfire Jacket potatoes: beans sweetcorn cheese. Delish @jhowze

Top tips for roast potatoes

My tip for perfect roasties: Add a dash of vinegar when parboiling. Always come out perfectly crisp and fluffy @missielizzieb

Crunchy roasties! Parboiled Maris Pipers, drain, rough them up a bit, coat in semolina or polenta, roast in oil! YUM! says @pootlepops. Try this Crunchy Sage & Polenta Potatoes recipe.

Make the most amazing roast potatoes with a sprig of rosemary! Toss in several sprigs to the roasting pan — it’s that easy! @thesoupdragon44

More potato recipe ideas

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