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Hot lunch ideas: 6 easy jacket potato recipes

Hot lunch ideas: 6 easy jacket potato recipes

Fancy a warming lunch? Jacket potatoes are a satisfying, simple and low-cost hot lunch option that’s endlessly adaptable. Not only are they great at home, they also work beautifully as a packed lunch — an all-in-one meal with no waste. Here’s our pick of 6 fantastic jacket potato recipes for kids and family, from leading foodie and parent influencers in the BritMums #JacketPotatoHacks Campaign. They work for teens, tweens, weaning toddlers, vegans, vegetarians, time-pressed families, the carb-conscious or just plain picky eaters. Dig in!

1. Masala Chickpeas Vegan Jacket Potato Recipe


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The Curious Pixie shows in her TikTok video just how quick and easy her Masala Chickpeas Jacket Potato lunch is (as well as set to music)! This hot lunch idea is made even quicker for busy families by microwaving the potatoes then crisping up the skin in the oven. We love how the fragrant chickpea topping is reminiscent of travel in India while being a warming lunch for the whole family.

2. Jacket Potato with Veggie Mushroom Chilli

These days cooking for one family hardly ever means cooking just one meal. Especially if your family is comprised of of a mix of meat-eaters, vegans and children with other special dietary needs. That’s where a recipe like this Veggie Mushroom Chilli Recipe comes into its own. Sneaky Veg’s top tip for catering to different tastes is to ‘put everything in the centre of the table. The kids can then help themselves to the bits they fancy.’ It also means less work for whoever’s cooking. For instructions on how to prepare this mouth-watering baked potato for kids head over to

3. Sausage and cheesy mash stuffed jacket potatoes

Sausages are an easy win when it comes to feeding hungry little-ones (and grown-ups too for that matter). We love Wendy at Daisies and Pie’s jacket potato spin on good old fashioned sausages ‘n’ mash. It’s a hearty tummy filler, looks great and is super easy to prepare. Plus it can be adapted for veggies and vegans using meat-free sausages and vegan cheese. Yum! Get the Sausage and Cheesy Mash Stuffed Jacket Potato Recipe.

4. Jacket Potatoes with Fajita Topping

Fajitas are another fun kid’s favourite when it comes to hot lunch ideas that are also packed with nutritious veg. Lucy at Super Golden Bakes fajita-style jacket potato topping is a low-effort simple tray bake — perfect for hot lunches. You could even cook your spuds in the oven at the same time, saving both energy and effort. The vegan version is a delicious take on jacket potato with beans while the meaty version can be made with chicken or beef strips. Both get the thumbs up from us. Try Lucy’s Perfect Jacket Potatoes with Vegan Fajita Topping (which can also be made with meat!).

5. Jacket potatoes with pancetta, cheese and chives

Preparing child-friendly family meals can be tricky when you’re trying to watch your weight. We love that this recipe for Stuffed Jacket Potatoes with Pancetta, Cheese and Chives by Sarah at Extraordinary Chaos is a hearty and filling meal for hungry teens. Plus it’s also great for carb-conscious grown-ups on a Slimming World or similar eating plan. You get the health benefits from potatoes — they’re a source of potassium, thiamin (vitamin B1) and contribute to vitamin C, vitamin B6 and folate intakes — while also enjoying a warm filling family lunch. Win win!

6. Coronation Chicken Jacket Potato

Coronation chicken jacket potatos recipe on BritMums

For Michelle at The Greedy Gourmet, her Coronation Chicken Jacket Potatoes are the holy trinity of the new packed lunch — quick, healthy and delicious. This combines two classic British favourites into a yummy lunch. Wondering just how British coronation chicken is? Find out the history in Michelle’s post — as well as which potato to use for jacket potatoes — then make her easy delicious recipe!

More potato recipes and hot lunch ideas

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Here are 6 healthy jacket potato lunch recipe idea. Includes vegetarian, vegan and slimming world too!


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The sausage and cheesy mash stuffed jacket potatoes is divine!

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I loved working on this with you - such a great excuse to eat lots of jacket potatoes!

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