Improving your blog round-up

Here it is, a collection of really useful posts full of great tips for improving your blog. These posts are not just from the BritMums Better your Blog series but from all across the BritMums Blog so this might be a great page to bookmark for your future reference!

Learn to use Google+

Take the Google+ Masterclass


Time for a blog design rethink?

Create an interesting About page

In blogging do looks matter?

How to create a Beautiful blog in 5 minutes


10 ways to increase your followers

How do you manage your social networking?

What to keep in mind when writing posts: Why do people read blogs?

Giveaways – can you attract more readers without losing cred?

5 essential Facebook tools for bloggers

7 easy tips for pumping up your Twitter account

Monetising your blog

Monetising your blog

6 tips for turning your blog into a business

How to create a media kit for your blog

How to write a sponsored post

How to write a review post

Top tips for working with brands and PRs

How to publish your blog to Kindle

What the new ASA online guidelines mean for mum bloggers

What every blogger needs to know about tax

General tips

Blog talk with Typecast

30 tips for what NOT to do with your blog!

How to tame the blogging beast

What do your blog post titles say about you?

An introduction to video blogging

A director’s 5 tips to vlogging

10 tips for fabulous food blogging

Instagram – one fan’s advice

7 easy ways to improve your blog photography

5 tips to better blog photos

Do you have a great post on blogging tips, hints or tutorials? If you would like to add your post to this list just fill in the linky below with a descriptive title and BritMums readers will have an even larger resource for improving their blog!

Interested in a critique of your blog?

Check back for the final post in the BritMums Better your Blog series ‘How to critique your blog’ (Thursday 9th February 2012) and we will not only be listing tips for how to critique your blog, but also offering a blogger match up where interested bloggers will be paired with others, to critique each others’ blogs. An easy step by step guide will be provided.







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