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Homeschool Humour 2021: The funniest memes and TikToks

Homeschool Humour 2021: The funniest memes and TikToks

How do we homeschool? With humour, of course! Here are some of the funniest homeschool memes and TikToks going around to help you cope with 2021 homeschooling and home learning. Have a laugh amid it all with other parents!

1. Do you have this feeling?

2. You think this is bad!

3. Ask Jeff Bezos… (via MadeForMums)

4. Homeschool humour: Day 1 v Day 3!

5. Day 24 of Quarantine

6. The ‘Draw me’ Challenge

7. Time for a biology lesson!

8. Maths lessons, in 2021…

9. What’s your bullying policy?


thank you @not.even.emily for this sound 💀💀💀😂😂😂 #momsoftiktok #homeschool #homeschooling #momjokes

♬ original sound – not even emily

10. How to keep things normal for the kids

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