#MumHacks to create time for yourself

In motherhood it definitely pays to get one step ahead and make smart decisions that save time, so we have more time to focus on what matters. That includes not just family time but time for you as well. The BritMums community shared their best hacks for parenting life — with #mumhacks, shortcuts, tips and tricks for creating more time for mum.

Easy cooking hacks for mums

Batch cook and portions in child-friendly sizes. No more hungry child waiting for parents’ work to finish @Mummy2aRockStar  

I’m definitely on the frozen prepared veg bandwagon and I also have my son read while I cook. That’s his reading out the way  @Mummy2aRockStar

Frozen onions are the answer to everything! @AModernMother

Freeze over-ripe bananas to whizz up in the blender, for speedy & healthy ice-cream after dinner! @60mindfulmins

I buy frozen pre-prepared fruit for smoothies and veg for dinner. I’ll never need to chop an onion again! @Luckysammyg

Make all the pack ups the night before and even 1 for 3yr old even when he isn’t at playgroup, lunch sorted!! @TheMumDiaries

I prepare an after school box of snacks for Aaron every day. Means no shops on way home dinner and doesn’t have to be a panic to cook @NewMumOnline

Make batches of meals. Perfect to pop in oven for when kids get home https://t.co/DaUfU761Dt @pinkwinkgirly

We always have outfits ready and ’emergency’ pack lunch items in fridge! @JAZZ_SHOESDANCE


mumhacks by Rachael Smith on BritMums

I have a designated kit draw for footy, karate kits etc. That way they are easy to find and saves time @pinkwinkgirly

Even getting clothes out the night before can help @YouBabyMeMummy

My weekday #MumHacks tip? When I’m not going anywhere special I have a “uniform” so don’t waste time picking something out @jhowze

We have an odd sock draw and it keeps growing daily! @S_walker_S

I’m doing this next year too! Then I don’t have to stay up till 11 waiting for the dryer @realfoodrachel

Easy #mumhacks to get organised at home

Keeping a ‘Present Cupboard’ means no last-minute pre-party shopping. Anyone else do this? @domesticgoddesq

We have a family notice board to keep track of birthdays, homework, trips and sectioned by each child, keeps everything organised @claireriley

Make ‘rainy day’ box: fun activities, toys, healthy snacks plus a movie for young kids. Blog post with £ reward for older kids @Misbah_aktart

We have an inbox and outbox by the front door so letters don’t get missed and homework’s not forgotten in the morning @Mummy2aRockStar

Out and about

We do times tables on the way home from school to save a few extra minutes when we get back @x2mum

Take a backpack to/from school for all the bits my daughter comes home with. Staying hands free on the school run! @KatCandyFloss

We have a changing bag we keep in the car with basic bits in case we forget the changing bag! @AMundaneSarah

We have an activity bag whenever we need to get on a train! @KatCandyfloss

Tips on how to delegate to kids

samantha walker tweets about #MumHacks

My oldest is a great little helper and will often help me with odd jobs around the house, earns her dance fees https://t.co/y8rXgbvCQ7 @S_walker_S

My children must bring down wash basket on Friday evening, empty lunch boxes and tidy bedroom once a week @S_walker_S

#Mumhacks to make bath time easier

Buy baths paints and bath crayons! The kids will play in there for hours painting the bathtub and it’s easy to wash off @KopQueenLFC

We’ve added #MumHacks to bath time as they like long baths. I read them stories, and brush their teeth while they’re in the bath. @Luckysammyg  

While youngest is in bath he likes to talk to me through the shut door, so I use this time to paint my nails @JAZZ_SHOEDANCE

Pampering and Me Time

mumhacks on BritMums

We have the same bedtime every night so we all know what we are doing and i then get to watch my soaps in peace @gemma_152

Most importantly snuggles are the best #MumHacks Every mum adores these. https://t.co/jJ6bIND46x @pinkwinkgirly

Am I alone in sticking on a face pack while doing chores and forgetting it’s on until I’m half way out door on school run? @goriami

I get my daughter involved in a little pampering, Last night we had foot spas @KatCandyFloss

I team up with friends and we host a bake session once a month together. We do pampering and catch up etc while cake bakes! @ljbarton

I try sticking to our routine so i know as soon as the kids go to bed thats my time for any pampering @gemma_152

When my boy was little I made one night a week, dad bedtime, great time for me to have a quiet bath and me time @thesoupdragon44

How do you create #MumHacks? Tell us in the comments!

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