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The 5 funniest homeschooling memes & videos

The 5 funniest homeschooling memes & videos

If you’re like us, you might find this sudden homeschooling situation a bit daunting and out of our depth! It’s a sad state of affairs when the distance learning “work” the teacher has given takes 20 minutes to complete. So how do you fill the rest of the school day? (PS – you might want to check out our Homeschooling tips for parents working at home).

But also if you are like us, you will get through it. And the meme’s below might help too.

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1. Homeschooling: teaching fractions with wine!



2. Rant: If Conona doesn’t kill us, Distance Learning will!



3. Mum is in a meeting!


4. This made us laugh 🤣🤣🤣


5. And here are some homeschooling travel ideas!



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