29 ways to celebrate your child’s achievements

At the a recent Twitter Chat we asked parents how they celebrate children’s achievements, big and small. The party was sponsored by P&G, which has created a host of videos about athletes and their parents.

Here are the heart-warming ways parents told us that celebrate achievements in their families. Get some ideas here and add your own in the comments section!

Employ stickers and reward charts

1. Praise them from an early age.  I have charts for mine, age 6 and 21 months @kelzw84

2. Reward stickers were a winner when Little A was small.  My fridge was covered in them! @thankyoumum

3. As a childminder my house is full of reward stickers for everyday achievements @playfullearners

Occasional gifts highlight big goals

4. I’ve always thought a new charm for a bracelet was a lovely way to celebrate achievement @ToybuzzUK

5. Praise and congratulations as well as maybe a little gift or something wanted from Disney! @mumscoffeeclub

6. My two-year-old mastered cycling without stabilisers and was rewarded with high fives and a new bell @twopointfourchi

Plan days out

7. For good school reports the boys have Olympic tickets to go and watch a football match with Daddy! @stressymummy

8. Rewards such as a bike ride, a trip to the park etc.  It doesn’t always have to cost money @playfullearners

9. I must say I think I enjoyed Chessington as much as they did but had to keep saying they’d earned it! @mummyratesit

Celebrate with food

10. We celebrate with little tea parties and cupcakes with candles @dancer 2712

11. We have celebratory picnics too even though we would have gone anyway @second_time_around

12. Yesterday we went out for pop and ice cream after school to celebrate DSt’s brilliant SATS results @JoBelfield

Display your mother’s pride

13. We always put art on the walls and I have a lot of stuff they made when they were little @pooohbear281

14. 5 yo son doesn’t love lots of praise (soo does not take after me!!) but thumbs up, a big smile and he is over the moon @Mid30sLife

15. Even though I didn’t win the Mummy’s race at Sports Day, Ella cheered me anyway!  I was proud to do it for her @cafebebe

Make it a family affair

16. I try and do videos to share with Granny and Grandad who do not live near @ali991

17. We always call grandma and grandpa in California with special news! @AModernMother

Getting noticed at nursery and school is a motivator

18. Our school is good at recognising the smaller things children achieve and they always get a special mention in assembly @mummybird

19. Head took my son out for fish and chips for doing a good Jubilee scrapbook @kateonthinice

20. My Special Needs son loves getting certificates in Assembly so his teacher uses this to encourage him to be good @rachelgully

The simple acknowledgements are important too

21. It’s lovely when the twins race each other and scream at the end: we won @twobecomefour

22. I do very little except that I tell them I love them every single day J @Fishwifemark2

23. Your attention tells them this is important and you are valued @jhowze

24. I print loads of photos! So the boys are reminded of the great things they have done all round the house! @capturebylucy

Things we can do just because we’re mums

25. Since my children were babies I’ve always rewarded them with my celebration dance.  Can’t believe I’ve just shared that J @mummbird

26. I’m forever crying with pride, that’s just part of being a mum @ClaireLouise82

Remind them it’s not always about winning

27. We’re proud when they try their best, no matter where they finish @Penwizard

28. It’s not all about sports or being first, being helpful and kind should be something we support every day @caro_mad

29. Teaching children to never give up on their dreams and encouraging them with whatever they do is how I live @ClaireLouise82

29 innovative ways to celebrate your child's achievements

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  1. 24 July 2012 / 15:20

    Great idea for an article. Very interesting!

  2. 12 September 2012 / 12:01

    I’m not really big on giving rewards because my two are still quite small (2 years and 10 months). However, a loud cheer and clapping makes my older girl beam with pride and lots of bouncing and clapping from me and his older sister, makes my little boys’ day.

    This post is fantastic and the comment of the twins’ mum saying that her two both shout: We won! is possibly the cutest thing that I read all day. Thank you!