22 ideas for Mother’s Day during the coronavirus pandemic

mother kissing son on cheekWhat’s an ideal Mother’s Day? There are the usual things that we love — a meal out, spa day, a large multigenerational parties — but with the coronavirus recommendations from experts, these are not possible this year. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make this Mother’s Day — Sunday 22 March 2020 — a special day for the family.

Check out these ideas, shared over the years by our community of parent influencers, on how to mark the day in ways that celebrate our mother figures while taking into account the current climate.

Start the day in bed

1. I’m hoping for a lie-in and a big hug from my little ones @ThrinH

2. My kids have given me a concert in bed…it made me cry! @Wendymcd83

3. My older 2 get so excited by Mother’s Day that they can’t wait to spoil me so have lukewarm tea and toast at about 6.30am SonyaCisco

Handmade cards and present ideas for Mother’s Day

4. My best Mother’s Day pressie: homemade biscuits my son made without me knowing. 🙂 @ali991

5. I do love handmade cards. I put them safely away and treasure them. @ali991

6. I read a really nice blog post on children making plaster footprints and painting them. I’d love to receive that! @Goriami

7. For last Father’s Day I made a photo book of daddy/baby pics. Would love a mummy/baby one! @snuggle_bubby

8. Babies too small to make their own cards? Make one for them and ink their hand/footprints inside. Great keepsake! @snuggle_bubby

9. A box set we can download — every family should have one or two to watch together!

Doing things together, at home

10. We did a proper cream tea at home for everyone. @Emymc

11. A home-cooked Sunday roast at mine with the family followed by Singstar — Mum can SING GOOD!  @Xcardiffbirdx

12. Mother’s Day is a good excuse to celebrate the love that we share everyday…with a lovely meal and cake! @Wendymcd83

13. We’ve got cheap wooden photo frames for the kids to paint & decorate too – Grandma LOVES stuff like that! @Second_time_mum

A free Mother’s Day gift: rest and relaxation

14. I would love a day with no bickering between mine! @SonyaCisco

15. A lovely uninterrupted bath! Bath and a book! Bliss!

16. Is it wrong that Id secretly like a bit of peace and quiet so I can have a G&T? @Second_time_mum

…while someone else does the cooking and cleaning

17. We love it when our teens pitch in and clean the kitchen, tidy the sitting room or get their rooms in order @BritMums

18. Surely not having to cook a meal ALL DAY is the best present of all? @Belles

19. If your OH is NOT going to cook, then I’d suggest banging a joint on the slow cooker over night @Second_time_mum

What we like to do for our mothers

For some, this year will be more difficult than ever, as travel is restricted, older people self-isolating at home and the fear of visits risking exposure. Here, ideas to make the day special.

20. Schedule a proper catch-up via video call, conference call or good old-fashioned chat with time to just natter. 

21. Get your children to write a tribute song or poem to share on a call (or write one yourself!)

22. I’m going to get my girls to paint flowerpots for my mum (to drop off), then we’ll plant bulbs in them: gift that grows! @Domesticgoddesq

Help others this Mother’s Day

During this fraught time, we can also mark the day by reaching out to others who might need help or company. In our neighbourhoods we see people offering to drop by or provide help or company (at safe distance or over the phone) to those needing it during this time. 

Tell us what you’re planning this Mother’s Day.


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