Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Healthy ideas for a happy mum

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If Mother’s Day means chocolates selection boxes, flowers, and well meant toast in bed (the kids not having quite mastered being quick enough to keep it hot), then it’s time to think outside the box this year.


Health and wellness are high on the agenda this year as we all seek to live life more fully and with more energy to do so, leaving excess weight, lethargy, achy joints, and dull skin behind.


Here’s a round-up of some delicious and beautiful, gift-worthy treats for your Mum this year (or feel free to print it off and leave it strategically for him and the kids to find!)



Breakfast in Bed


Cheesecake for breakfast? Sort of, this classic combo is delicious and easy enough for kids to make.


As you can see, I originally created this Turkish Eggs recipe as a Father’s Day brunch, but it’s proven very popular with my Mums!


For the Mum who doesn’t like a heavy breakfast, a fruit smoothie is easy to drink, and the milk provides protein to stave off hunger.


Want to go all out? Make a batch of this healthy granola, serve some for breakfast with Greek yoghurt, and present the rest in a jar with a ribbon as a gift.




Pancakes are my personal favourite way to start the day. These are vegan, and are naturally high in fibre.



Healthy Foodie Gifts


Chocolates for Mothers’ Day are great. Homemade chocolates are even better!


Not a baker? Let FitBakes make the cakes for you. They’re low calorie and low sugar but taste like real cake!


Mums loves to workout? These lemon energy balls are perfect as a per or post workout snack (or anytime, quite frankly!)




If Mum likes Bounty bars, then Mum will definitely like this all natural version!



Afternoon Tea


With two types of fruit/veg plus yoghurt and nuts, you’d be forgiven for thinking this cake is breakfast!


carrot banana cake


My own step-Mum ingrained the art of dunking chocolate Hobnobs into tea. Homemade will always be better though:


Don’t be dissuaded by the name. These sugar cookies are as pretty as they are nutritious:


Whatever is left of these healthy granola bars will make a great midweek snack on the go:




Non-Food Healthy Gifts


Gifts can give back too. I made a video review of my absolute favourite workout clothes from eco friendly brand Sundried:


Sundried Pollyanna Hale


Mum will need a mug for all those green teas and almond lattes, preferably one with a bit of love ut into it!


If Mum is more ‘workout’ than ‘designer wardrobe’, how about a smart watch?


There comes a time when we have everything we want and practical is more useful, like a decent water filter that makes water taste better and is healthier, especially if you live in urban areas:

Whatever you do we hope you have a happy Mother’s Day!

*BritMums does not endorse or have any affiliation to products mentioned in this round-up

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  1. 27 March 2019 / 21:56

    Loved all ideas, especially mugs, they are super cute !

  2. 29 March 2019 / 06:57

    Fantastic gift guide and I love the recipes. Thank you for sharing. Xx

    • 29 March 2019 / 08:07

      Thanks! It was fun collecting them, I hope I can persuade my kids to put some effort in ha ha