36 things to give and get on Mother’s Day


We asked mums what they like to receive and what they like to send to their own mothers for Mother’s Day.

At our #MothersDayDoddle Twitter party, mums swapped their tips for best mum gifts and also what they’re planning on giving their mums. The #MothersDayDoddle party was sponsored by Doddle, a service for collecting, returning and sending parcels. By using Doddle, you can send and receive items at a local fully staffed Doddle store rather than having to wait around at home for delivery or schedule your day around the line at the post office. One in 3 of us don’t bother to return up to £90 worth of online shopping every year, due to frustrating returns processes. Doddle makes that process seamless.

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Classic gifts we love

Nice to go out for a meal so I can get out of cooking and/or washing up @sarelle777

Cards, flowers, perfume and some comfy pj’s @x_itsonlyme_x

The best gifts are the ones I haven’t had to hint at make myself or prep with the kids!! @Trefla

I think my ideal Mother’s Day would be breakfast in bed, small presents and a relaxing day as a family! @embracehappy

I’d love a chocolate hamper @StarCatch3r

The best things in life are free

I love receiving the simple things the kids have made at school/nursery, handprints and poems

I would just love a lie-in as the best present ever. I have a 4-year-old who doesn’t seem to need much sleep! @hollysmam09

I would love some much needed “me time” to put my feet up! @suburb4nmum

Children creating very special moments

My daughter drew this of me to go in the newspaper. A wonderful gift http://t.co/ef3NtsYCe2 @Lkash20

I like clay hand and footprints for baby’s first mother’s day. I hope my hubby reads this! @mrspixelwife

Has to be this poem from my daughter. http://t.co/T3BwYqrTWI @likeme247

My kids brought me a giant cupcake with a ring on top and they asked me if i would marry daddy! @safronprice

My best present for Mother’s Day was this artwork from my little artist age four http://t.co/qOqPhn49xA @hedobaby

Hugs from my twins we nearly lost them both in their first year simply having them here is enough @girlgonecoastal

What we give our mothers for Mothers’ Day

This is my gift for my mother-in-law. Hope she loves it, also giving a framed print of all four kids http://t.co/vWJSFRIWyK @hedobaby

I’ve actually bought her a ginger and white kitten @DowseKatie

We made a bouquet of pom pom flowers for Nana this year @ http://t.co/wcBsXFHp2i @karenattwinlife

Here’s a painting I did of Mums favourite film Gone With The Wind last year http://t.co/axVHLIkfkQ @KatiePrentice2

A grow-your-own plant and a gift set of gardeners hand creams….mam loves her gardening! @hollysman09

Mum gets a card and maybe a plant, Mr G goes a bit mad for his mum bless him @goriami

My three have made a canvas each for Grandma for Mothers’ Day. Personal things mean a LOT. @likeme247

I think it will be flowers and chocolates, although she might like a new kitchen ceiling! @thesoupdragon44

I bought my mum a new handbag as she was dropping “I need a new handbag” hints yesterday. @V82CHRIS

I think my mum wants a big photo frame with lots of photos of her grand kids! @LuckySammyStarr

We usually send her things but this year we plan on sneaking down and surprising her. @likeme247

My mum-in-law wanted my kids posting to her for the night – a 2 and 5 yr old, Manchester to Bristol @JoMaggs1

Ways we wish sending & receiving gifts were easier

I once had a card saying parcel is in my garden, I didn’t have a garden at the time @zoeyd1983

If I miss a parcel I can only collect between 9-12 Monday to Friday. That’s challenging too @domesticgoddesq

You wait in all day pop out for 10 minutes and there’s a while you were out card when u get back @Sarelle777

I bought a chocolate hamper for mam and when it came the box was broken and half the chocs were missing @safronprice

I got my Mum some bakeware once and it arrived smashed to pieces – luckily they refunded me @KatiePrentice2

For me it’s the queues in the post office! Standing in line for an hour with 2 small children is not fun! @PlayLearnToday

Why do they all try delivering at school run times? @likeme247

I prefer delivery services that allow receiver to collect from shop. More convenient than rearranging delivery @sidspecial

I have great neighbours that take things for me. I would be lost without them! @cazzieb30

Ooh @Doddle looks brilliant – I work from home but still have [delivery] cards put through the door! @EmilyK1983

More things for Mother’s Day

Discover Mother’s Day crafts and recipes mums love


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