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Health doctor NHSIt’s not unusual for women to develop issues with their thyroid after pregnancy. I should know, I’m one of them. It can be a debilitating condition, and not that easy to pick up on unless your Doctor is on the ball. I was initially dismissed as being a slightly depressed, obviously tired-because-new-baby neurotic. It was only seeing a kind locum and asking for a thyroid test that the problem was actually diagnosed. 

I knew that the symptoms I was feeling weren’t normal – who puts weight on AFTER the baby is born? The brain fog is the worst of it – I lose track of what I’m saying and find that I can’t remember words I’m looking for. I’m always feeling slightly despondent and tired, even though my medication is apparently the right level. 

As this seems to be a common issue I thought I’d see if any of my fellow bloggers have experienced similar – turns out I’m not the only one! Another post-pregnancy hypo friend is Ky from Snapshots and Adventures. 

Mother Distracted has this post on an initial diagnosis of hypothyroidism, which is the type of issue that means your thyroid isn’t producing enough of the hormones that keep you ticking over. 

One of the reasons that it’s difficult to diagnose hypothyroidism in post-natal women is that its symptoms mimic that of post natal depression. It’s always worth asking for a thyroid blood test if you are feeling low and fatigued, don’t let it be brushed off as baby blues – there could be a different medical reason than you think, which is what happened to Katie from Mummy’s Diary.

If you have a thyroid issue and you feel like your medication isn’t curing your symptoms, then ask your Doctor to refer you to a hormone specialist. I’ll be checking back to see what Jade finds out

If you think you might have an issue with your thyroid or another sort of hormone imbalance then Rebecca Boulton has this excellent post on blood tests that you can request to try and find a solution – don’t ignore them!

We’ll be back next month with a fitness based post – if you have anything you’d like to recommend or submit you can find me over at Mumzilla

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