Dads: Coping with breastfeeding wife’s first night shift!

Dads Round-upHi BritMums crowd, how are you all?

Let’s be typically British and address the weather has been improving. Well, it’s not been horrible for a while so I’m saying it’s improved.

Now onto the blogging. How are your blogs going by the way, or are you a blog reader without a blog? Let us know in the comments, it would be great to see the mix of readers we have here. 

Right, you’re here for your monthly dose of awesome dad blogs, so here you go…

First up, my pal Carl from Dadtastic Voyage with his post ‘I’m A Blogger Who Forgets To Blog‘. This one is very similar to a post I wrote some time ago and it’s still relevant now. Blogging has become so much more than just writing. There’s Twitter, Instagram, photography for the blog and for some there’s also YouTube. The more bows you have to your online brand the less time and focus you can have to actually blog! Add this to your real-life responsibilities too and I, along with Carl in his post, often wonder how anyone blogs at all! 

Next up is another friend of mine, Ross from Isablog and a post I think many dads will relate to ‘My Wife Has Her First Night Shift Coming Up – I’m Shitting Myself‘. OK, your wife may not work nights but the bigger picture painted by Ross is that their daughter is breastfed and he’s going to be running solo without his wife for the longest period of time yet. We didn’t breast feed our son but I can imagine the anxiety Ross experiences in the lead up to this big night wondering how his daughter will react without her main food source and comforter being available. – PS. I followed this live on social media and Ross smashed it, well done mate! 🙂 

Continuing the love for my dad mates of the blogging world, here’s Pete who writes Daddy To A Rainbow And A Star. Pete’s post ‘Anxiety Of Missing Out‘ just re-itterated to myself why I work so hard to put myself in a position to be able to work from home. I 100% relate to Pete’s feelings of missing out on particular milestones in his children’s lives due to work commitments. It’s such a difficult one, almost a catch 22 when you have to put food on the table but want to take in every moment of your childs development. Many of you will relate to Pete’s feelings around this. 

Not many Dad Round-ups go without an update from Benny, AKA Daddy Poppins, not on my watch anyway and this month is no different. Actually, it’s entirely different. I usually count on Benny to provide the humour but this month he’s gone and wrote a serious post, ‘From Lad To Dad‘. To be fair, Daddy P has mastered the art of moulding serious topics with a hint of humour and his latest post on this is excellent. Benny talks us through his journey from LAD to DAD. The overriding theme based on mental health for men in particular. This needs to be spoken about more openly and posts such as this will I hope help at least one other person, thus my duty to spread the word as far as possible. 

To finish up I’ll just touch upon Father’s Day, that’s happening this weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads out there, keep smashing it. In my short blogging journey of just 2 years I’ve come across some amazing people, some awesome dads and it’s so motivating to know there are so many of us out there trying to do our best and help each other achieve as much as possible together. 

Well played dads, have a good one! 

PS. Don’t forget to have a look at some of my stuff at DADVWORLD.COM I’m not sure I’m allowed to add myself specifically in the round-up but I write some decent stuff now and again, sometimes, when I remember… 🙂 


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