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Fun water pranks to do with kids

Fun water pranks to do with kids

Water pranks are fun any time of year. At our #MAOAMmischief Twitter chat we asked parents about summer mischief in particular — and got some hilarious ideas for fun water pranks to do with kids. Plus these water pranks don’t necessarily need lots of equipment or planning — just a sense of fun! (Don’t miss our tips for 10 great summer pranks to do with kids.)

The chat was sponsored by MAOAM. MAOAM’s delicious chews have full-on flavour and are long-lasting – just like summer fun! They’re on a mission to bring mischievous fun to everyone. Check out the MAOAM Mischief Hub, which has even more ideas, inspiration and unexpected silliness.

Getting outside and being silly together as a family! We love water fights. @n_hop90

Easy water pranks to do with children

When watering the plants I spray a little bit on my nearly 4 year old. She finds it hilarious and then tries to get me back. Keep it simple @n_hop90

girl squirting water gun at camera

Paddling pool pranks

One fun water prank is to turn the humble paddling pool into ground zero for silly fun.

Make a hidden water hazard – We LOVE mischief and pranks and the whole family gets involved (pretty sure my husband may be the biggest kid in our family lol!). Once the kids pranked him by filling the paddling pool with ball-pit balls and asked him to jump in. There was water underneath LOL! @Tantrums2Smiles

Create a slime pool – We decided to add Slime Baff Crystals to the pool so when daddy got in he had a shock! Also we use water guns for SLIME guns, be very careful though as once the slime hits the grass it’s super slippy! I know first-hand — fell straight on my behind! @sophietrufshuf

How to have a good water fight

Get out the hosepipe! – My daughter is a demon with the hosepipe! Her and her dad have great water fights. @missielizzieb

Use an attachment on hosepipes for extra soakings – Especially if the jet attachment is on! I leave them to that one! Don’t want to risk diluting my drink! @missielizzieb

Or use water bottles with nozzles – Hosepipe is hard core. I have a tendency to fill water bottles and attack the kids with them! @Janib_19

water bottle for water pranks

Turn water pistols into slime pistols – Add an extra an extra bit of goo to a good water fight

Tantrums2Smiles children fighting with water pistols
@Tantrums2Smiles shows how her kids enjoy water fights

Get dressed for the fun – There’s nothing like a good mischievous soaking (as long as you’re in your swimsuit lol) @angep1969

Water balloon pranks and mischief

Parents: Be willing get wet – We’ve discovered water balloons. Mum is the target. 🙂 @Janib_19

Make sure it’s a real ‘fight’ – We think mum needs to get her own back and do some #MAOAMmischief of her own @OfficialMAOAM

Do a surprise bombardment – We love water play, not only is it fun but it also helps with sensory learning. We always play in the garden with water balloons and a pool! The kids love it! *shh but we have planned to pop a big water balloon over daddies head later on today* @sophietrufshuf

man getting water balloon burst over him

Add some colour to your water balloons – We play a game with food colouring that we add to the water so if you pick a water balloon that has the food colouring and manage to burst it, you win! @vodkawitch88

Build up your arsenal – The more balloons the better, parents say. Make a lot of them and keep to hand in a plastic bowl or bucket. @Vickydoo also has a strategy:

tweet about Bunch o Balloons

Play catch with the water balloons – Playing catch is a great way to start off water balloon fun. It’s even better if you can’t predict which ones will burst, says @janib_19.

tip for playing with water balloons tweet

Stage a game of dodgeball – Instead of getting hit with a ball, you get a drenching with a water balloon!

Combine water balloons with hide and seek – The perfect combination of the classic childhood game with a cooling twist whenever someone is found

Make forts – Having a base from which to mount your attack allows for military-style tactics, especially if it has a flap you can drop against attacks or a top opening to pop out of and launch at your enemy

Act like a knight – Grab the top of a bin to use as a shield

Use a sling shot – A regular slingshot can be loaded with smaller balloons to make them go further

Do target practice – Don’t fancy a full soaking? Set up targets to hit or knock down and see who gets the most points

What are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time to round up the family and get wet!

Get more ideas for family mischief and pranks on the MAOAM Mischief Hub!

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