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Video: 7 budget egg meals made with leftovers

Video: 7 budget egg meals made with leftovers

What do you do with leftover bacon, roast dinners, puff pastry, carrots, potatoes? Almost anything when you combine them with eggs, the perfect ingredient to create main meals out of common leftovers that also reduce food waste.

At our #ShortcutEggsperts conversation held during British Egg Week, a group of food-loving bloggers shared their inspired dishes, featuring fried rice, a tart, an omelette, jacket potatoes and quiches.

The conversation was sponsored by British Lion Eggs, familiar to shoppers via the red Lion stamp. You find it on egg boxes and shells and it means that your eggs are British and produced to the highest standards of food safety. Get more recipes and inspiration at, including leftovers and budget meals.

What budget egg meals are good for families?

Watch the video and scroll down to see links to their recipes. Be sure to subscribe to us YouTube.

7 great egg meal recipes made with leftovers

Mediterranean Quiche from Mari’s World

Leftover roast dinner quiches from The Purple Pumpkin 

Egg and mushroom rice from Jacintaz 3

Chicken teriyaki and egg fried rice from The Gingerbread House

Roast Dinner Tart from The Crazy Kitchen

Cheese, ham and tomato souffle omlette from Chelsea Mamma

Homepage image courtesy of Mari’s World

Delicious budget egg meals


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Adam Seaton

Friday 10th of October 2014

Some great ideas here. Just the other day I couldn't decide what to have for lunch, so in the end I decided on a roast veg and cheese omelette (yum yum!)

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