BritMums Foodie Round-up: October food

foodie round-upThere were so many great recipes left on the linky after September’s Foodie Round up – thank you! As proof that I really do read them all and appreciate every single one, this round-up is mostly dedicated to them. That and Halloween – you have to have a few Halloween recipes in October don’t you?

Starting off with BugBirdBee’s Bramble Brandy. There are still blackberries around, and this has to be the perfect thing to make now and store in time for winter – which, let’s face it – isn’t that far away. There’s also a new BugBirdBee Slow Cooker Sunday feature if you are looking for inspiration in that department too!

Mum in a Nutshell keeps us healthy with a 5 a day Honey Chicken Tray Bake recipe. I am all for something that includes plenty of veg, and is quick and simple to prepare. I do love Lavender and Lovage’s Chicken and Mushroom Pie recipe too. Autumn = pies quite a lot in our house!

There can be little more satisfying in life than a meal that you have totally foraged yourself. I am so impressed with Spade Fork Spoon’s Moules Mariniere. Now if someone could just forage me some frites to go with them so we don’t have to get the stinky fryer out (that I have now banished to the patio on the rare occasion that it does come out!), that would be perfect!

My Little Italian Kitchen has a rather tasty looking Pasta with Fresh Mushrooms over at hers, but be careful if you are picking your own and not just for obvious reasons – I read somewhere once, that a proportion of Italians lose their lives each year due to rather precarious mushroom picking locations. That’s what you call being dedicated to food!

I do love celeriac, once I have forgiven them for being a pain to peel, and use them in all sorts of recipes, including bread – so I will be giving Franglaise Cooking’s Celeriac Coleslaw a go!

These Bacon & Maple Syrup Cupcakes from Pixie Dusk are totally intriguing and the recipe is about to be forwarded to my bacon mad Brother in Law in Florida. I know it will make his day!

Speaking of Florida, and in a Key Lime Pie vein, I have to try these Mini Lime Meringue Pies from Patisserie Makes Perfect. I am totally jealous of this blogger’s pastry abilities! Having a nose in the link section of this blog, I also discovered Cygnet Kitchen, and a rather beautiful Plum Cobbler – yes please!

A few apple recipes if you will, there are plenty of them about at the moment – Casa Costello’s Apple Pecan Crunch Sundae, which I would eat every day, not just on a Sunday. I did think you could only eat them then when I was small, a rich indulgent Apple & Blackberry crumble from Jules Family Kitchen, and Wave to Mummy’s gorgeous looking Apple Sponge.

Another autumn fruit – the bullace – tiny plumlike things.   If you are looking for something to store away for Christmas (sorry to mention it already- forgive me?) Recipe Junkie makes Bullace Cheese which would go perfectly with actual cheese.   She also has a rather lovely Sticky Toffee Cake, which I could probably manage to eat in one sitting.

Halloween recipes

I promised you a few Halloween recipes, so without further ado: – Foodie Laura shows you what to do with all of those Pumpkin Seeds from the thousands of pumpkins you will be hollowing out. With the flesh you can always make How to Cook Good Food’s Pumpkin, Kale & Coconut Soup or Maison Cupcake’s Pumpkin & Goats Cheese Mash. Save some of it though for KerryCooks Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts with a Maple Glaze and Buttered Pecans. I had to include Eats Amazing’s Spider Snacks and Anyonita Nibble’s Halloween Macarons are super cute too.

November will be much of the same without any Halloween or Christmas references, promise! If you fancy leaving me lots of lovely recipes again? Deal? Until then…

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Emma Raphael left the UK for Copenhagen in 2009, with her ever-patient husband and two small children.
Having enjoyed a couple of years in Scandinavia, Emma and her family found they enjoyed Expat life so much that they now reside in Munich – where the pace of life is relaxed, her language skills are small, and the mountains and bier halls are very large. Being one half of a self-proclaimed foodie couple, Emma enjoys the new produce and restaurants in each new country she resides in, and has made it her mission to convince people that English food no longer deserves the bad rap it once had. She can be found in the kitchen when she’s feeling homesick, trying to recreate comfort food from home. She also has huge passions for travel, photography, art, wine, gardening (although according to her Bavarian neighbours, she’s not much good at that!) and her family (of course)!


  1. 09 October 2014 / 21:43

    Super thanks for the mention! I have another bacon recipe and will post is soon! Easy and yummy.

  2. 10 October 2014 / 14:34

    THANKS so much for mentioning my pie and what a TASTY round up too! Karen

  3. 11 October 2014 / 18:20

    Do try Franglaise Cooking’s Celeriac Coleslaw. It is such a great French classic! Gorgeous with crusty bread!

  4. 12 October 2014 / 22:09

    Thank you for featuring my Lime Meringue Pies. Glad you enjoyed my ‘links’ section. Cygnet Kitchen is a very good blog.

  5. 23 October 2014 / 12:51

    Thank you so much for mentioning my Apple and Blackberry Crumble.