Christmas toys: TV’s Kirsty McCabe reveals her family wish list

Snow and ice aren’t the only things keeping weather presenter Kirsty McCabe busy this Christmas. With three little ones and a festive birthday in the family it’s time to get their wish list to Santa. Here she exclusively reveals to BritMums the toys that will be making an appearance under the tree this year. 

Kirsty McCabe and her children

Kirsty and her kids

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Life with three children is rarely calm and peaceful, but lately it feels as though someone has hit the fast forward button as the Christmas juggernaut thunders towards me.

So far we have survived the school fair, attempted ice skating and decorated the tree (this year the kids actually listened to my instructions about fluffing out the branches!). But now the real work begins – planning the presents. It’s a double whammy in our house as my eldest was born on the 25th of December. Last year I ended up putting everything onto a spreadsheet so I could keep track of who was giving what to whom.

For the past couple of months, the children have poured over the toy catalogues and optimistically marked pages for my attention. But it’s only now the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have been and gone, that it has dawned on me that I really must get my act together.

The family wish list

If like me you are about to commence Operation Santa and need some present inspiration, here are some of the items on my and my little ones’ wish lists.

I’ll start with my youngest. Ava is not quite 2 but she has very fixed views on what she likes, namely anything Peppa Pig. She can name all the characters, reads the books every night and it was a shock to both of us when there were no episodes of Peppa Pig on the entertainment system on a recent long haul flight.

Peppa Pig Peppa’s Stage Playset £39.99

Peppa Pig Peppa’s Stage Playset £39.99

Luckily we are not the only fans of Peppa, as this year’s Top 12 Toy List, issued by the Toy Retailers Association, includes the Peppa Pig Peppa’s Stage Playset. Now we can re-enact our favourite episodes (personally I am a big fan of Madame Gazelle) or create our very own show. I fully expect Ava’s big brothers will soon get involved too, and you can even slide in your own tablet for an instant cinema experience.

Pictionary Air £20

Pictionary Air £20

Peppa’s Stage Playset isn’t the only toy that embraces technology. Rather than fight the lure of gadgets, manufacturers have come up with ways to embrace the digital world and get actively interactive. This year we’ll be burning off the Christmas calories with a game or two of Pictionary Air. The classic game has been brought up to date with a special pen and an app that allows your drawings in the air to appear on the screen. I’m not sure we’ll be sharing the results on social media though!

Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus

Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus £34.99

You can’t go wrong with Lego at any time of year, so the Harry Potter Knight Bus is definitely on my eldest son Ethan’s wish list. Another Top 12 Toy, the purple triple-decker bus is full of the amazing details that Lego does so well, including a chandelier swinging from the ceiling.

Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist

Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist £21.99

Logan, my middle child, loves Power Rangers nearly as much as his sister Ava loves Peppa. Unfortunately his desired zords from series past come with a hefty price tag on eBay these days. Luckily he is also a big Marvel Avengers fan, and has been eyeing up the Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist. Come Christmas Day he will be able to re-enact battles and save the galaxy, hopefully without using the gauntlet on his big brother.


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