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Unpacking your cold-weather clothes is an exciting — shaking out the jumpers and cardigans, finding cosy pieces for brisk walks and cuddling down by the fire, breaking out winter sports wear for kickarounds, sports and exercise in the frosty air.
But how do you ensure that your reliable winter wardrobe looks fresh and vibrant and smells wonderful? In our #ACEWinterRefresh Challenge, sponsored by ACE, we asked BritMums members to try out the ACE for Colours Powder — which now comes in a fully recyclable Tetra pak — and see how it keeps garments bright, robust and clean meaning clothes last for longer. Here’s what they had to say. (Influencers received ACE for Colours Powder to try and were entered into a prize draw. Opinions are their own.)
Whirlybobble capsule wardrobe ACE

Picture: Whirlybobble


Keep your capsule winter wardrobe looking great

girl splashing in autumn puddle

Whirlybobble keeps her daughter look good, even despite the mud

Whirlybobble keeps her daughter’s adorable wardrobe looking great by concentrating on having a capsule wardrobe with key pieces. ‘Not only is this more sustainable but better on my purse strings!’ she says.
‘I definitely try and take the best care of all our clothing to ensure they can last as long as possible. One way I keep Lake’s clothing bright and stain free is by using Ace for Colours.’ Her stable of intermatching separates stay looking good…sometimes despite her daughter’s best efforts.
‘We all know how messy toddlers can get (see Lakes’s latest messy adventure) and ACE for Colours gives you that ta- dah moment over and over!’ she says.
Glossytots couldn’t agree more. During baby-led weaning, she keeps cute onesies looking good even in a cold wash. ‘I was absolutely blown away that it was spotless and even better it was returned to the original pink of when I bought it!’

Use ACE to refresh clothes after storage

We all have winter things to break out boxes, from under the bed, old drawers or the attic. Accidental Hipster Mum is not just unboxing the seasonal outfits but also the old baby clothes as the family gets ready to welcome a new member.
“It’s unreasonable to expect a pregnant woman to go searching for clothes in storage and not look at all her old baby clothes while she’s there,” she says. “The ACE for Colours Powder did manage to reinvigorate those tiny tops. They look as good as new – you wouldn’t believe the pink one is ten years old and the blue one is five!”
ACE Winter Refresh with baby clothes

Accidental Hipster Mum’s refreshed baby clothes


Nip stains in the bud

You can use ACE for Colours 3 different ways — applying directly to stains, soaking a garment before washing or adding it to the load. 

‘When you mix a spoonful of the powder with a few spoonfuls of water you can use it to pre-treat stains before washing,’ says This Glorious Life.

‘I did this on some white school tops that had been marked with mud and strawberry juice…I rubbed some of the mixture into the stains, left it for a few minutes and then popped the tops in the wash. And I can honestly say I’m really impressed with the results.’

When it came to a favourite blanket, which needs frequent washings, the results were equally impressive.

This Glorious Life baby in blanket

This Glorious Life found this blanket kept its colours wonderfully


Make the most of high-impact accessories

‘I love to use accessories to change up my winter look,’ Glam and Geeky Mum says. ‘And as a bonus they keep me super warm and toasty too! Hats, gloves and scarves all are a great way to alter the look of your basic winter clothes when outdoors.’ By using ACE for Colours, she keeps them eye-catching and colourful.

She also has a top tip when choosing them: ‘Avoid overly fluffy scarves and hats that shed thin fibres from them.  I once owned a scarf that did this, at least once a week I would someone how get these very long thin invisible fibres stuck in my eyes.  Red streaming eyes wasn’t something I wanted to add to my winter looks….’

Update with second-hand treasures

‘I’m amazed at what you can find donated in charity shops,’ says Glam and Geeky Mum. This is especially true for festive jumpers and fun accent pieces. Once she’s revived them with ACE for Colours, she has an affordable, sustainable and expanded winter wardrobe.

Give colourful clothes the special treatment

Even outfits that are colourful can get a lift, as Glossytots discovered with a favourite dress. ‘I didn’t really think it would get much more colourful with the ACE for Colours Powder but it has actually revived my dress back to its original colour which I am so happy about!’
GlossyTots ACE collage

The Glossytots 1-2-3: Dress from storage, ACE for Colours, WOW!


Make keeping clothes vibrant a regular routine

Beesley Buzz and daughter in hats

The Beesley Buzz gets ready for cold weather with high spirits and bright colours

Mummy In a Tutu was a bit skeptical of a washing powder’s ability to revive well-worn favourites, but found that it got out the stains, even after a muddle puddle-jumping session by her daughter. She’s so impressed that she has a tip going forward: Use it in your daily wash to keep clothes brighter and fresher for longer. 
The Beesley Buzz loved how it helped with her son’s colourful school uniform as well as these bobble hats that she broke out for the season. These smiles say, ‘We’re ready for winter!’

Freshen the scent as well as colours

Mummy Overload noticed the difference not just in clothes but also with her daughter’s favourite pink trainers, lighter colours, fluffy PJs, bedding and teddies. But most of all she was delighted to discover that ACE for Colours helped with all the washing after her daughter was ill. 
‘It came out the washing machine smelling amazing,’ she says. ‘I was so happy that I didn’t need to wash it all again so it really does ‘do what it says on the box’’. 
How do you keep your winter wardrobe looking great?
#ACEWinterRefresh was a paid campaign sponsored by ACE for Colours. Influencers received ACE for Colours to use at home.  
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