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That’s the verdict about the Portal from Facebook from Ting at My Travel Monkey. She was part of a group of BritMums parents we asked to try out the video calling device and see how it fit in with their families and their lives. (Influencers were provided with 2 Portal devices and were compensated for their time.)

Excellent sound quality

One of the most important features of any type of call is the ability to hear each other. Ting gave it the thumbs-up. 

I am super impressed with the sound quality.  

Ting My Travel Monkey Family reviews Portal

Yes to the sound…and to the fun effects. Ting’s family tries out some, um, hats

(Read Ting’s full review.)

A camera that moves with us

Tinuke from Circus Mum raves about the flexibility the Portal’s Smart Camera provides. It follows the action and has a wide-angle lens. “My girls, particularly Rainbow, tend to show their grandparents what’s going on around the house. Rainbow loves to grab poor Cable, our Frenchie, and hold him up to the camera… If Rainbow wants to show off her cartwheels or spin around the room in her fairy costume, then Portal will follow her movement in a smooth motion.” (Read Tinuke’s full review.)

Jamie from Daddy and Dad loved it as well. “While other devices are static – as in you’re either stuck right there in the middle, or you’re off screen, the Portal’s camera detects where you are and keeps you right in the middle of the screen – even if you move around the room… If there’s more than one person in the room, it’ll automatically zoom out to keep everybody in shot. Honestly, it’s quite brilliant.” (Read Jamie’s full review.)

Portal: Easy to use around the house

Laura from Five Little Doves shows how easily Portal fits into everyday life and looks good in the home…even on a grand piano!

Laura Dove at piano with Portal

Laura Dove tries out the Portal for the first time


Enjoying the Story Time feature on Portal


Child using Story Time on Portal

Laura’s son enjoys Story Time effects

At home, Laura found the Portal is a great way to keep connected with grandparents — her children’s grandparents travel frequently. But with Portal and its AI-powered Smart Camera, the children can perform their latest dance moves, show off new toys and share stories about their day. They especially love the Story Time feature, where grandparents and grandkids can enjoy stories together, with fun effects.

I know my parents miss so many moments whilst they are away and being able to read the children a story before bed is such a wonderful bonus. And for the children, always keen to show off their reading skills, reading stories back to them is great practice and a lot of fun!

(Read Laura’s full review.)

Portal from Facebook: Kids love it

This is the face of a child who has taken to Portal. Circus Mum also loves that it frees up her phone whenever they want to do a video call, making for an easier, hands-free experience.

Daughter of Circus Mum on Portal

Tinuke’s daughter gets a kick out of Portal

The AR features also make Portal calls a load of fun. Jamie says: “Portal’s AR filters are hilarious. With the touch of a button on the screen you can add a cat to your head, a pirate costume or a fruity hat, among hundreds of others – the recipient will enjoy a matching soundtrack and voice-change to match! It works beautifully.”

Daddy and Dad using Portal

Daddy and Dad try out the Story Time feature. Rarrrrrr….!


The ability to call people who don’t have a Portal

Tinuke also appreciates the flexibility of being able to call anyone in her WhatsApp contacts, even if they don’t have a Portal.

I remember the first time I called my brother: He was sat on a train and he burst out laughing as both Rainbow and I were covered in dragon masks. We went through the entire repertoire of effects and even showed him how the storybook function worked.

For those who do have Portals, set-up couldn’t be easier. “My Mum ended up setting it up herself, and apart from me having to explain how to add her WhatsApp account, she managed everything else by herself whilst half watching the Grand Prix on TV, so not bad going.” Read Tinuke’s full Portal review


Circus Mum Portal screen

Tinuke tries out the AI effects on a call


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