The funniest, strangest stains kids (& parents) make

What are families’ worst stains? Kids as well as us parents can get some of the funniest and strangest things on clothes — some disgusting, some hilarious, some downright mysterious. Here, parents share the worst stains they see on laundry day.

The worst food stains

Who knew that mashed up banana could be so difficult to get out of anything? @PennyBlogs

Chocolate spread goes everywhere. 😂 @AngeP1969

Some of these weird and wonderful ice cream colours have a tendency to stain! I’m pretty sure this ice cream/jacket combo (below) ended in disaster. @NatureHadIt

girl in white jean jacket holding pink ice cream cone about to make a stain
@NatureHadIt’s daughter with a daring white jacket-pink ice cream combo

Definitely orange-based food for babies is the worst. @naturehadit

There was the time one of them while weaning decided to throw the mashed green goodness at me — all down my trousers. Who knew veggies could make quite such a stain…? @goriami        

Ketchup is the devil! My daughters 15 & still manages to cover herself with it 🙈 @EmmaL01 How to get ketchup stains out: Flush water from the underside of fabric plus more suggestions.

teenage boy eating messy burger

Stains kids get at home & school

Child licking spoon with chocolate on it

Glitter is the worst , sparkling for weeks. @Lisapop01

There are always sweat marks on the top of her skirt so I can see where she’s rolled it up 🤣 teenagers!! @buzzybev

Art classes at school are always fun. Especially when they decide to draw on their own clothes 😬 we’ve had a dinosaur tail on the back of his shirt recently. @Igotnewslippers

child doing messy play

My daughter covered her school dress in Brown paint…she felt the need to tell me it wasn’t poo 😄 They had been painting a tree 🤪 @DianeStar17

Ours frequently has stains before he even gets to school. 😳 Jam, chocolate spread — it migrates onto his clothes every breakfast time 😉😂 @AngeP1969

A stain nightmare: How to get out tomato sauce

Tomato based sauces – every time! Even us parents can’t help but spill them from time to time!! @NatureHadIt

We love spaghetti bolognaise in our house, but we’re so prone to making a mess with it we have special ‘spaghetti shirts’ that we get out on bolognaise nights! Basically, old t-shirts that we don’t mind getting stained! @EmilyH13

Haha … I think we all need spaghetti shirts! @Momof2lgs

Outdoor stains

tweet about mud-covered clothes

(Check out this tip from ACE for removing mud.)

White football socks?!! Just why????! @missielizzieb

Child with muddy stains playing with stick
Exploring with a stick always means stains @Igotnewslippers

Grass stains from my sons football games are the worst! Only ACE gets it out. @VFlow158

ACE has developed ACE Ultra for Whites for all-white washes. It bleaches clothes safely and also kills germs. Check out the @ACECLEANUK site for top laundry tips @BritMums #ad

The stains older kids get

Sweat stains

We’ve moved on from puke and poo to teenage sweaty armpits! Hahaha @MissieLizzieB

It’s the stains that get onto sheets in our house that are especially hard to get out: fake tan, time of the month etc! @LisaPop01

It works well so well on shirt collars! Not entirely sure what my boys do to them but they’re always grubby round the collars @Goriami

Biro pen stains and fountain ink pen stains – pens in general! ✒️🖊️ @CarsandTractors

The kids love sliding on the grass to celebrate when they have scored a goal in football @carsandtractors

The stains parents get

I have a ‘friend’ who has a red wine drinking dress! LOL. @MissieLizzieB

Always chocolate. I drop a tiny crumb, then it just melts into my clothes before I’ve noticed it. @Vickydoo

Oil or fat stains from cooking. I don’t wear an apron so it just splashes on my tops. I never learn. @momof2lgs

Marmite 😂 which didn’t look too good spread across my jeans when I dropped my toast on my lap. lol @V82Chris

Baby poo down the front of a lovely white shirt… I cried for so many reasons. @goriami

There’s nothing better than hot toast slathered in real butter, melty gorgeous butter that drips down your chin, and…oh no, a hideous greasy stain all over your new top. @EmilyH13

My husband regularly goes and fixes the cars wearing his nice clothes.. including once wearing a new pair of jeans and a white (yes really) polo shirt he had just got for his birthday… oil everywhere… šŸ™ @goriami

It’s always in the most noticeable of places. I recently dropped my mascara brush on my top 😭 @n_hop90

Foundation is awful isn’t it? Too many times I’ve got just a drop on me then made it worse trying to wipe it off! @Vickydoo

White bras always end up grey. Doesn’t make for feeling fab. @dianestar17

I’d just like to say that eating pickled beetroot, straight out of the jar, with your fingers, is definitely not recommended if you’re stain averse. 😡 @emilyh13

Don’t forget the pets!

We have a hound who likes to go bog diving then jump up you to say hello! Shame I can’t put her in the machine! @MissieLizzieB

The dog is pretty good at creating stains! Too fond of mud methinks Washing the dog towels is always a challenge. @missielizzieb

Why we love dirty clothes

When the kids have a lot of fun they create more mess. Whereas, when I create a lot of mess I have a lot less fun as I have to clean it all. 🗑️🧼🧹       @carsandtractors

Winter walks always have us coming home really muddy and it means we’ve had a great walk! @Goriami

Sports or outdoor activities for us! Getting dirty is sort of intentional with those really! @InaBitofaPickle

My 7-year-old… she’s very ‘creative’ with the pavement chalk art, painting and art at school. Bless her. Far be it from me to squash her creativity so dealing with stains just comes as part of the package. @momof2lgs

Yes, I definitely don’t mind when I know they are having fun in the process! I just make sure that never go out in their best clothes! @vickydoo

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  1. 03 November 2020 / 16:48

    My youngest got peanut butter over my suit just before a job interview. WOW, that was a pain, the little monkey found it so funny.