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Keeping our whites bright and clean can be a challenge, especially with all the things we can get up to as a family: sports, school dinners, art class, bike rides and more (including slime)! Keeping school uniforms is particularly challenging for parents. We’re working with ACE on the #ACEit campaign, talking about how to wash whites and keep white clothing cleaner and brighter.

How to keep white clothes white

To help us keep laundry looking bright, ACE has launched ACE Ultra for Whites, specially formulated to help brighten dull whites. It’s gentle on delicate clothes, concentrated for affordability and tackles germs and odours, includingviruses. That means not only do your clothes smell cleaner, they actually are cleaner – something even more important in the current climate. ACE Ultra is available in Morrison’s.

Get our top tips for keeping white school uniform pieces, sports kit, even white blouses looking clean and bright with these tips. Got a tough stain you need to tackle, including tough stains like blood, paint, fake tan, or oil? Get advice on ACE’s Stain Helper.

Before you wash whites

Sort clothes properly

We all know the pain of opening the washing machine to discover one red sock has turned a white load pink. Sorting laundry not only keeps darker clothing from bleeding onto whites. It also means you can use products like ACE Ultra for Whites, which keep whites brighter, without the fear that the bleach in it will affect coloured or patterned clothing.

Pre-treat stains

By applying stain remover before washing clothes, you target pernicious culprits like grass stains, red wine stains, ketchup, and more. Even letting it soak in for 5 minutes helps with stain-busting.

Don’t overload your washing machine

Overlarge loads don’t let water circulate to flush away dirt and stains and don’t drain adequately. Keeping washing loads manageable for your size machine will get them cleaner.

How to wash whites

Wash white clothing as soon as possible, after every wearing

Letting clothes sit means letting stains set. For best results, wash whites each time after wearing them.

Pop sports kit in the washing machine

Make a habit of getting your kids to change out of their sports kit when they walk in the door, then put it into the washing machine and do the load straight away. We keep our towels and t-shirts aside for these ‘whites days’. (Check out ACE’s Stain Helper for advice on how to get out grass stains, mud, poo and paint.)

Use water on the hottest appropriate setting

Higher temperatures help wash away oil and dirt as well as kill germs. Be sure to check the label, as delicate fabrics might need a lower setting.

Soften hard water

The minerals in hard water can actually attach to clothing and leave whites grey. A water softening system or water softening tablets will fight it.

After you wash whites

Check clothes before tumble drying

Take a few minutes to check clothes after washing for remaining stains, put them aside for treatment and another wash. Once the hot air of a drier hits them, any stain will be set.

Dry white clothes outside

Drying whites in the fresh air and light not only leaves them smelling fresh, UV rays help brighten and sun-bleach clothes.

Clean your washing machine

A clean machine not only runs better, it helps clean clothes better. Experts recommend running an empty load using hot water and bleach or distilled white vinegar to sanitise it every month.

Advice on getting stains out of clothes

Discover more effective and economical products to get your clothes clean and get stains out of clothing. See all ACE products and get advice on everything from grass stains, grease stains and greying clothes with the ACE Stain Helper.

More clean clothes advice

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