Homeschooling: Tips for homeschooling during these uncertain times

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Millions of parents have now been thrown into homeschooling as we cope with coronavirus. We’ve heard from parents that the situation has prompted fear and a fair amount of anxiety, especially about how to teach what and how kids learn these days.

Homeschooling requires some organising and strategising, but every parent can do it! Here, tips for homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Planning and scheduling homeschooling

How to plan a homeschooling theme:  Luschka at Diary of a First Child has advice for planning and scheduling, sharing how she goes about picking themes and developing ideas. I loved the addition of suggestions for your own themed learning projects!

Develop a 3-hour homeschool solution

Homeschooling during the coronavirus? New to homeschooling? The Simple Homeschool blog has a great 3 hour homeschool solution that addresses anxiety, fears and helps you create a framework. 

Advice from a season homeschooling parent

Many of us are new to this experience. So in addition to helping our children cope with lockdown and introduce them to parents as teachers, we have to get used to the idea ourselves. Adele Jarrett Kerr shares her top tips as a home educator. 

How to get into a homeschooling routine

Jenny from Edspire is a longtime member of the BritMums community and a great source of knowledge about homeschooling. She shares her best advice for getting into a routine that makes the other aspects easier.

How to homeschool different topics

As a homeschooling parent you suddenly must become an expert on topics you may have not studied for years. OFamilyLearningTogether has some wonderful resources for teaching younger children subjects like maths, biology, geography and more — we love how practical this advice is.

More resources for homeschooling parents

Check out this great post by Freddie’s Mummy UK which lists some of the best homeschooling blogs in the UK. The great thing about these is that you’re getting advice from parents who know and have been there rather than a dry official resource!

Let us know about your homeschooling experiences and what you’ve found helpful by leaving a comment below!

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  1. 29 November 2015 / 13:55

    This is just such a brilliant idea! I think when we were homeschooling, I would have loved to have seen a round up / linky for homeschoolers at that time but i never found one – I did read a few brilliant homeschooling blogs that helped us through the tricky days. We actually started our blog whilst we were homeschooling as a way of recording our homeschool adventures but then found we were too busy most the time to then blog about what we’d been doing!