Charity: Ways to help good causes at Christmas

‘Tis the season of good will, a very apt time to hear the latest from BritMum’s charity champion Eva Katona at Captainbobcat. This month’s festive charity round-up highlights ways to get involved with good causes from buying from charity pop-up shops to donating to food banks…

We’ve now officially entered the Christmas season an in the run-up to the most wonderful time of the year, I’m bringing you a variety of touching stories. This month I have picked a few charity posts that covers all corners of life – and of course Christmas too.

Food bank advent

Fiona from Savvy in Somerset writes about how to donate three days worth of food for £5. Benefiting a local food bank, she challenged herself to donate as many food items as she could for £5. It’s an amount small enough she thinks most people could afford. She further challenged herself by wanting to try and make my donations into meals – three days worth – as this is what food banks typically give out. Read about how she got on here.


Victoria from Lylia Rose also participating the Foodbank Advent (also known as Reverse Advent Calendar), because she thinks no one should go hungry, especially in the UK and especially at Christmas. So, rather than opening an advent calendar and treating yourself every day for 25 days, the idea is to reverse the treat and instead donate an item to the food bank every day for 25 days. Read her post here.


Supporting the elderly

Talya from Motherhood Real Deal is supporting their local community centre Linden Hall with their recent campaign to raise £8000 to provide the local elderly community that use the facilities there with new chairs. If you’d like to know more and help, read her post here.

Charity pop-ups

Pop-up events and boutiques are very trendy things these days. But charity pop-ups are even better! Kelly and Zoe from Our Transitional Life have attended one recently, benefitting the Tŷ Hafan children’s hospice, as support is continuously needed, the hospice can be there for all of these families, at their hospice, in their homes and in their communities. Kelly managed to snap up a few lovely bits – to read more about it, read their post.

Marie Curie charity campaign

Christmas is always a spiritual time for many. Many of us tend to reflect on our life, our relationships, our loved ones alive or dead. Stopping for a moment and thinking about those cannot be with us anymore. Lamplight Life is a new blog and I enjoyed reading about what other bloggers would choose as their last song. Does this sound morbid? It shouldn’t really. Marie Curie charity is working on the  biggest ever public awareness campaign about death. The campaign is called #TalkAbout and aims to get the nation talking more openly about death and dying by having conversations with loved ones, friends and family. 


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  1. 11 December 2019 / 14:37

    Thanks so much for including my campaign in the round up!

  2. 11 December 2019 / 14:37

    Another great way is to buy charity gifts, especially for those who don’t want anything, but you still want to get them something. I always do an Oxfam Unwrapped gift for my Grandad which he really appreciates and is glad I haven’t spent money on him personally, but given it to a good cause.